Unexpected Road Trip Must Haves

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Are you heading out for a family road trip this summer? Taking the family on the road is a great way to bond, have fun together, and see some great sites.

I remember taking road trips every summer with my mom and brother growing up. We would sing songs, play games, and see some really cool places. 

Things to bring on your road trip that you might not have thought of to add to the fun and ease the stress. 

While there are many obvious items that you would bring on a road trip like clothes and bathing suits and snacks, there are some things that you can bring to add to your trip that you might not think of. 

Below is a list of items add some extra fun and memories to your road trip.

Bring Empty Jars

Have you ever gone to the beach and found some amazing shells but had no place to put them? If you like to collect rocks and shells from different beaches and places, having empty jars on hand is essential. 

Pack a few cleaned out empty jars with blank labels on them. Then when you find shells or rocks that you love you can place them in a jar and record where and when you collected them. 

Road Trip Games

Long road trips with toddlers can be difficult. The games we usually think of may not be appropriate for young ones. 

Check out this list of Road Trip Games from Mini Time which have activities listed by age. I recommend printing out a full list of games to play that are appropriate for your kids. This way you can make sure you have everything you might need and you won't have to try to remember the games when your kids start complaining they're bored. 

Back of Seat Organizer

Speaking of games, you are going to need a place to store your child entertainment. Your car can get a bit crowded on a road trip between people and stuff. With three kids, our entire backseat is occupied.

You want a place that the kids can reach to store a few toys and entertainment items but don't take up seat space. You can get backseat organizers like these, or use an old back of door shoe rack that you cut in half and tie onto the back of the front seats. This can do the job just fine!


Bring Bubbles

Getting antsy?  Need to stretch your legs? Bringing bubbles lets your kids have something to do when you just need to take a leg break and there are no sites nearby. 

You can stop anywhere and just enjoy blowing and chasing bubbles for a bit to break up the ride. 

Flatware Holder

Picnicing along the way?  You need somewhere to store the flatware. Check out this project from Martha Stewart to create a holder for your flatware and napkins that can easily be stored and cleaned. 

No need to bring cheap plastic utensils when you have this convenient storage pocket for your flatware. 

Trunk Organizer

Picking up or making your own trunk organizer can really make your life a lot easier on a trip. Knowing where everything is and being able to easily access things can prevent a lot of road trip drama. 

You can make your own organizer or pick one up from Amazon. Either way, they can be a real life saver!

Any other atypical road trip ideas?  Share them below!!