7 Ways to Calm Down Quickly

With summer in full swing, we are spending a lot more time with our kids. This means we can easily get on each other’s nerves.  

It is easy to fly off the handle especially when you are melting in the middle of a heat wave. We can overreact to some of the things our kids do which can cause our kids to feel badly.  

It is times like these when little tricks to calm down quickly can help. You can use these techniques to put out the fire and then react appropriately to the situation.

Try these techniques to help you quickly get a level head when you are about to overreact.  

Take a Walk Around the Block

When you are feeling angry or upset, it helps to do something physical. Taking a quick walk around the block allows you to leave the situation for a few minutes in order to get a better perspective. 

Exercise innately improves mood and allows you to think more clearly. This walk can unlock those benefits of exercise in just a few minutes so you can return feeling more relaxed and calm. 

Deep Breathing

If you can't actually leave your kids (they aren't old enough to be left alone) a great tool is slow deep breathing. Just close your eyes and inhale for a slow count of 4. Hold the breath for a second and then exhale for a slow count of four. 

If you can do this with out actually counting, you add a mantra. As you breath in think "I am" and as you breathe out think "calm". A few of these deep slow breaths can help you slow your heart rate and relax your body in order to 

Press Your Pressure Points

Certain pressure points within you body are located near nerve bundles. These can be found I the head, face, and hands. By pressing on these points you can relax the nervous system which tenses when you're stressed. 

Try applying pressure to the meaty part of your hand between the thumb and forefinger.  This is something you can quickly do to calm yourself in a variety of situations and the people around you will be none the wiser. 

Put On Music

Music has the power to change your mood in a million different ways. A sad song can make us cry, sense music can put us in the mood, and high energy songs can get us ready to party. Most importantly, music has the power to make us happy.

When your stressed throw on music from your favorite artist growing up. You know the songs where the words are ingrained in your mind for forever. Listening to one of these songs can quickly boost your mood and prepare you for the situation. 

Thank you note

Practice Gratitude

As I've said in other posts, it is impossible to be stressed and grateful at the same time. Gratitude and happiness go hand in hand. 

When you are about to fly off the handle because somebody drew all over your walls and nobody knows who did it, take a second to think of 3 things you are truly grateful for. If you have a morning gratitude practice, it can be those same three things. 

By thinking of what you are grateful for you will automatically be in a better mood and you will have better, perspective on the situation. 

Tense and Release

This one is not only great for calming down after crazy kid antics but it can also help for public speaking and other stressful situations. All you have to do is right before you need to say something, clench your fist as tightly as possible and then slowly release it. 

This can quickly relax your muscles which allows you to relax. If you can take more than just a few seconds away, you can try progressive muscle relaxation. This technique helps you relieve all of the tension in your body by tightening and releasing your muscles. 

Take a Mental Vacation

The best thing to do when you’re stressed is to go someplace calming like a secluded beach. However, generally we can’t just leave the kids and fly off to Maui at the drop of a hat. 

So instead, go there mentally. Tell your kids mommy needs 2 minutes. Then close your eyes for a few minutes and visualize a place where you feel calm. Imagine the sites and the sounds. The smell of the air, everything.  

Just 2 minutes of visualizing can make you feel like you actually went got away. After your 2 minute vacation, you can then handle the situation. 


Have you already flown off the handle this summer? Tell us about it below. We are right there with you and we can relate!