4th of July Firecracker Craft Favor

This year of the 4th of July were having a BBQ at the new place.  We're inviting friends and family to enjoy some time together with food and fun! This includes inviting my nephews up to spend time with the kiddos. 

One of the best part of parties is having favors to take home. So Tyler and I created these 4th of July Firecrackers from toilet paper tubes that can be filled with candy or small toys to send home with our younger guests.  

These are fun and simple to make and look so cute! It's a great little favor container for your 4th of July party too!

How to make a super cute 4th of July fire cracker that can also be used as a party favor!

What You Need

Toilet paper tube or paper towel tube cut in half

Masking Tape

Construction Paper



String or Yarn or white paper

Cardboard (like an empty cereal box)

Optional: washi tape, stickers,

What to Do


1. The first step is to trace the end of your toilet paper roll onto your cardboard. Then cut out the cardboard circle. 


2. Wrap the end of the toilet paper roll with masking tape so that half the strip extends past the end of the tube.  Leave a little bit of the end in wrapped so that it is easier to insert the cardboard circle.

3. Insert the cardboard circle at the end of the tube. Finish wrapping the end of the tube in masking tape and then fold down the masking tape to secure the cardboard circle in place. 


4. Cut a strip of the cardboard about 2-3 inches wide. Roll it around the toilet paper tube. This will be the cap for the fire cracker so you want it to have a slightly larger diameter than the toilet paper tube.


5. Cut the cardboard to size and tape it to form a cylinder. Make a cap for this tube the same way you did in the previous steps. 

6. Wrap the two cylinders in construction paper we used red and blue paper. We made the cap one color and the base the other color. 

7. Trace the ends of the two cylinders onto the construction paper and cut out the circles. Glue the construction paper circles onto the ends of the cylinders.


8. Put the cap you made onto the base and decorate with stickers or ribbon or washi tape or whatever else you have.  


9. Glue a piece of string or a thin strip of white paper to the top of the cap to be the wick.  


10. Once everything has dried, you can remove the top, fill your fire cracker with candy or small toys, and then close it back up for a fun 4th of July favor!

What do you think of our project? Let us know in the comments.