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131 Method Book

This book gives you the information to help you understand how different foods affect your body and what to eat to be your healthiest you.

The Five Love Languages

By far, the book we recommend the most! It’s honestly a real eye-opener in showing you how to love your spouse best.

Our Q&A a Day: 3-Year Journal for 2 People

I am a huge fan of this cute little journal! It is such a great way to connect with your spouse!

The Power of Habit

This book provides amazing insight on how habits work and how to make and break habits. So so good!!

Wife For Life

This book really breaks down how to relate to your mate in a way that ensures you both get what you need from your marriage.

Sleep Smarter

This book breaks down not only how to get more, but how to get better sleep and how it can transform your whole life

Girl, Wash Your Face

This book brings up all the lies we tell ourselves and then shows you why they are dead wrong.

The Latte Factor

This is an excellent book that uses a story to illustrate how to obtain financial freedom day by day.

The Magnolia Story

Who doesn’t love Chip and Jo?! They are a power couple and this story tells you about how it all began way back when!

Eat That Frog

This book is perfect for anyone who is prone to procrastination and just ants to get more things done.

Girl, Stop Apologizing

This is the perfect sequel to Girl, Wash Your Face, providing you with actionable tips to get the life you want.

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