My Story

You might think it's weird, but I love organization and time management. Sitting down in front of a cluttered space and tackling the mess sounds like the perfect afternoon activity, if only I had more time to do it.  I developed this love as a child when in order to be able to continue with my passion for dance I had to also be at the top of my class in school.  Today, I am just as busy as when I was in school but I have learned a lot or tools and techniques to help me stay on top of things.  This blog is where I share everything I've learned and developed with you!

Growing Up

Growing up I loved to dance! When I was a tot, I loved watching the "big girls" at my dance studio.  As I got older, my goal was to become a member of the competition dance team.  Once I was on the team, my goal was to become the strongest dancer I could be.

With a school teacher for a mom, doing well in school was a priority in my home. Straight A's were expected.  In order to be allowed to continue to dance, grades had to be kept up.  This is where my my experience in time management began.  Balancing dance and school became my foremost goal.

As I got older, I began to explore other interests.  I began cheer leading, was on the yearbook committee, and played softball.  With these additional activities on my plate I still had to maintain my grades especially with high school on the horizon.

Anyone who has danced or has had a daughter who has danced knows that it is an expensive hobby. Between shoes, dance wear, costumes, tights, tuition, competition fees, etc. the cost of dance is exorbitant.  My mom also required that my brother and I attend Catholic school. In grammar school this was free as my mom was a Catholic school principal, but in high school that benefit no longer existed.

As I was preparing for high school, my mom explained that unless I got a scholarship, she just couldn't afford dance tuition on top of school.  It wasn't a threat, it was just a reality.  I worked my butt off doing well in school and studying for the high school entry exam.  I ended up earning full tuition scholarships to all 3 schools I applied to.

High School and College

In high school more activities fell on my plate. I was a cheerleader, in the drama club, the Italian American Club, the Latin American Club and the Greek Club. I was co-president of the National Honor Society and in the honors program.  On top of all that I was moving up the ranks in my dance competition team and I even earned special awards at competition.  Having all this on my plate strengthened my time management skills even more.  I graduated high school ranking 6th in my class of about 300.

In college, more of the same. I was again in the honors program, still dancing for my competition team and dancing for the college dance company.  I was a member of the commuter student association and president of the math club. My major was mathematics with a classics minor and I ended up earning the math award when I graduated.  I interned at Pricewaterhouse Coopers, LLC and worked as a math teacher on the weekends.  At this point, I was also paying for my own dance classes.  Through it all I was able to maintain balance, earned good grades, participated in everything I wanted to participate in, and maintained a social life.

My Life Now

Over the years I learned to prioritize, schedule, make lists, motivate myself, organize, and manage my time.  I have been and I am still constantly asked how I do it all, but by now it is second nature.  With a husband, a little boy and two little girls, I still haven't stopped.

Now, I am a mom, wife, insurance adjuster, professional dancer, USA Cheerleader, dance teacher, pageant queen, and blogger.  With all of my experience, I am still learning new tricks and ideas all the time! I also make it a priority to spend quality time with my family and even spend a little time on myself.  I like to share my advice, tips and tricks along with a healthy dose of humor!

In additional to all this, I completed my masters degree in mathematics and am the founder of a nonprofit organization, I Hope You Dance, Inc.. This organization was created to help all young people have the opportunity to dance.  You can find out more about it here: I Hope You Dance, Inc.

With all this, my most important role is wife and mom.  I have a wonderful, supportive husband who never discourages me from taking on the world and actually fully supports all of my endeavors.  I also have a handsome, smart, and silly 5 year old, Tyler. He lights up my world and puts everything in perspective. I have a 2 year old, Hailey, a silly little sweetheart who may be small, but is loaded with personality. And finally a new little one Belle who is super smiley (although not in the picture below, lol) and loves her big brother and sister.

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