Ideas to Manage Your Home and Business

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When you have littles in the house, getting anything done can be difficult. And when you have a house and work, you have a lot to get done.

Even if you work outside the house, you may have a side hustle or business that you are trying to get off the ground. Or maybe you have a blog like me. Either way, when you are at home you need to balance child care, home care, and work all at the same time.

Check out this collection of quick tasks to help you stay on top of your home and your work.

Working at home can be a tough balance. You don’t want to ignore the kiddos but you still want to get things done. Here are some quick tips for fitting work into the little pockets of time during your day.

  • Wake up early (or hustle at night)

  • Do 5 or 10-minute work tasks during the day – create a new pin, draft an email, outline a project

  • Use the Pomodoro technique

  • Have a process for creating content

  • Listen to music

  • Learn to type faster – take a typing test and practice every day

  • Do the highest ROI tasks first – sales funnels, emails, eBook chapters, course lessons, Facebook Lives

  • Turn off your notifications

  • If you can’t work, brainstorm the steps you need to take to complete your project

  • Use your Instant Pot for quick, healthy meals

  • Outsource parts of your business to a Virtual assistant or freelance writer!

  • Hire a babysitter to watch your little one a few hours a day

  • Get family to help out!

  • Pick up around the house during every Pomodoro break

  • Run a load of laundry or dishes every day

  • Use wipes to quickly clean the bathroom

  • Double up your chores – prep dinner and empty the dishwasher, or sweep the kitchen and wipe down the counters

These quick tasks can help you manage your business and house during the day. But, you need more than this to work at home with little ones around.

In order for mamas that work at home to have good time management, there are two big things to make sure to incorporate in the overall plan: tactics to balance your family life and work life and building a workable routine so that you can have a successful and long-lasting business.

Time Management Tips for Balancing Family and Business

There are five main tactics for managing your time when you work at home. These tactics should be considered before you officially start your business.

Before I started my blog, I had to make sure I had the time to devote to building a business. I had to find time between work, and home, and raising a toddler.

Many mom bloggers become pregnant again while having a successful blog and continue to work their business during that time. I did it twice! But, it definitely took a lot of planning, and it also depends on the temperament of your kiddos.

You should start your business when it feels good for you and take breaks when necessary.

These tactics will help you formalize a business plan:

1. Create Goals Around Your Business

Goals are a huge motivator for many of us. They inspire us to take action and make things happen.

When you’re starting a business, you are both boss and employee. There is no one telling you what to do which can be good and bad. You choose the tasks and it is up to you to stay motivated to work on your business.

Your goals will change throughout the process of creating and growing your business. Setting the right kind of goals will put you on the path to success.

Your goal at first may relate to creating products, then getting the word out about your business, then monetizing. As you work on your business your goals will grow and change as you discover what your business needs and what you want out of your business.

2. Write Down Home Tasks and Business Tasks

Think about what needs to be done during the day for home and what you feel you need to do for your business. Your business may require:

  • Posting to social media

  • Working on your products

  • Writing blog posts

  • Making freebies for your email list

  • Connecting with other influencers in your niche

Making a list of your home tasks can also help you figure out pockets of time for your business. It’s a good idea to make a schedule for your chores. This is something that will likely change as time goes on and your kids and business develop.

As far as your business tasks, make sure that they align with your goals. While there may be a million things you could do to grow your business, you only should do the tasks that will help you achieve your current goal.

3. Create a Workable Weekly Schedule

With your home tasks and business tasks in front of you, you can now create a weekly schedule using block scheduling. This schedule will change over time depending on various factors including what season it is, the age of your children, or if you become pregnant.

For me, my working schedule has evolved to what it is now:

Morning – Kitchen Chores

With three littles in the house and a night owl spouse, the morning is when I get little me time. After a quick workout and gratitude practice, its off to the kitchen to put together lunches and breakfast.

Since Im in the kitchen anyway, I use this time to wipe down counters, do some dishes, or put clean dishes away. I’ll often listen to an inspiring or informative podcast at the same time. Then I get self care and cleaning done all at the same time.

Evening - Other Chores

In the evening I try to fit in at least one other chore. Generally, this is tidying up and/or folding laundry.

I’m lucky to have a husband who pitches in a lot with the majority of the dishes, running the washing machine, making the bed, and cleaning the bathroom.

Things like vacuuming and dusting, I save for the weekend.

I don’t do all of these chores every day, but I space them out throughout the week (unless they are daily tasks). This has been working, and since we moved to a new house, I’m able to stay on top of everything.

And when my twins are home for summer, they love to chip in and help mama out with the chores!

Lunch – Main Blogging Task for the Day

During my lunch break is when I perform my major blog task for the day. Depending on the day, this might be writing a post, promoting it to social media, or writing my newsletter.

The Rest of The Day - Quick Tasks

During the rest of the day when I have a few minutes I fit in other tasks like writing and responding to emails, posting to social media, updating blog pages, interacting with the bloggers. Basically anything I can do quickly to help move my business along.

Nights When My Husband Works

My husband is with the kiddos during the day but when he is in a show, he is out of the house several evenings during the week.

On those nights, one the kids are in bed, I work on other bigger blog projects that aren’t part of the regular schedule. This has included creating optins, creating products, writing my book, and working on yet to be released courses.

The rest of my time is either at work or devoted to my husband and kids.

Your schedule may not look like this especially if you only work at home. But, it is important to create a schedule that works for you.

4. Batching

Batching is when you focus on one task or activity until it’s done before moving to the next task.

I like to batch both my business and home tasks. For example, if I’m running an errand, I think about where I’m going and anything else I can do on the run like pick up groceries, or return a toy while on the errand.

For my business, I like schedule all my Facebook posts for the week all at one time and all my Pinterest pins at one time as well.

This saves time when you do one task instead of multitasking. You can get on a role and be able to do the task even quicker when you do it all at once.

5. Prioritize Your Tasks

Do you know that even if you have as little as 1 or 2 hours a day to work on your business, you can actually be more productive than someone doing this full-time?

It’s true. For most people, if we were only given four hours to do all our work for the day, we would be much more productive than if we were given a full day (8 hours) to do the same work tasks.

This happens because when we think we a ton of time to complete a task, we will use it. We will procrastinate and delay and use the full time to complete the task. We’ve all experienced this.

Tasks are either:

  • Important and urgent

  • Important but not urgent

  • Not important but urgent

  • Not important and not urgent

Many of us focus on important tasks that aren’t urgent instead of prioritizing the important and urgent tasks.

This is called the Eisenhower Matrix from author Stephen Covey, and it can help mompreneurs with doing the important tasks first.

So, when you have been working at home for a few months and you feel like you have no time to do anything, look at the actual tasks you are doing and determine if they are important and urgent or not so urgent.

This can help you prioritize your tasks for that day!

Are you a mompreneur? Do you want to be? How do you fit in working and momming into your day? let me know in the comments.