How 90 Day Planners Help You Achieve Your Goals

There are so many kinds of planners on the market, and they all serve different purposes. There are monthly planners and weekly planners. Planners with vertical weeks and others with horizontal weeks. There are even daily planners.

Some planners come with lots of stickers and encourage the use of washiest tape and colored pens. There are printable planners where you can pick the parts you want to make a planner that works for you.

Some planners are great for planning out your calendar year. It allows you to plan out school events and vacations way in advance. On the other hand weekly planners allow you to input your to dos for the week including any meetings or appointments or tasks.

But when it comes to setting and achieving goals, 90 day planners are really the kind of planners that work the best.

Find out why 90 days is the best time frame for achieving goals and why you need a 90 day planner.

Why 90 Days Is The Best Timeframe For Achieving Goals

There are many time frames over which we can set goals but not all of them work out as well as we plan. We can set goals for the day or the week or we can set 3-5 year goals.

Due to our hectic lives and responsibilities, the amount that we can accomplish in a day or week is limited. On the other hand, while it’s good to have a vision for our future, 3-5 year goals can seem far out of reach and way to big to even start on.

It has been shown over and over again that people dramatically underestimate how much we can get done in two or three years, but overestimate how much we can get done in a day or a week.

Ninety days seems to be the sweet spot where we have time to plan and the motivation to achieve our goals. Looking ninety days out, you have a pretty good idea of what you can actually get done in that time frame. You are not drastically over or underestimating.

Therefore, your capacity estimations are about right and and the same time, you can make some substantial progress towards a big goal.

Why 90 Day Planners Work

Now that we know that ninety days is the best time frame for goal setting and achieving, what makes a 90 day planner so necessary? Why can’t we just use a regular full year planner to achieve our 90 day goals?

What’s great about most ninety day planners is the space that it gives us for goal setting and achieving. Most annual planners don’t give you the space to really break down your day and actually schedule your tasks.

I mean how could they? They would have to be giant. a planner with weekly and monthly pages and daily pages for a whole year would be huge! It’s definitely not something you would want to carry around.

If you don’t have your planner with you, then what’s the point? The whole purpose of a planner is to keep you on track throughout your day, wherever you are.

Since ninety day planners don’t need to have enough pages to cover a full year, they can still be portable while allowing you to plan out your tasks and goals in detail. You can actually schedule the tasks you need to do each day to get you to your goal so you know they will get done.

Find out why 90 days is the best time frame for achieving goals and why you need a 90 day planner.

My 90 Day Planners

While I love 90 day planners for goal achievement, they aren’t always as practical as schedule books. Most that I have seen only have daily pages. This means you can get really detailed on tracking habits and goals and tasks, but it’s hard to view you full week or month.

SO, I decided to create my own 90 day planners. I have 12 of them now available on Amazon. These combine the best aspects of 90 day planning with a regular schedule book.

I hate having to carry around a bunch of different planners and schedules to keep track of my life. I want everything in one place. So the planner I created has a year at a glance view so you can write down things way in advance even if they aren’t in the next 3 months.

I also put in a monthly spread for each of the 3 months so you can put in appointments and meetings for an at a glance view of the month.

Then each day has a full spread to not only write out goal related tasks but also schedule your day. Plus you can track your health habits and even work on your gratitude practice.

The beginning of the book has a little exercise to help you choose your 90 day goals as well as figure out the tasks you need to complete to achieve the goal.

At only $8.99 each you don’t need to pay a lot to get your goals on track. You can check out the 12 different cover designs here.

I really hope these planners can help you get your goals on track. If they don’t work for you, there are tons of other 90 day planners out there. But 90 days is the best time frame for setting and achieving goals, so if you really have a goal you want to achieve, find the 90 day planner that works for you!