What is a Done List And Why You Should Have One

Do you use a to do list? I love love love to do lists. They allow me to keep track of the things I need to do, they allow me extra mental space since I don't have to keep everything in my brain, and they give me great satisfaction when I can check things off my list.  

If you want some awesome tips for creating an effective to do list, you can check out this post.  

Today, however, we are talking about done lists. 

A done list, much like it sounds, is a running list of all the things you have completed. Reviewing your week's worth of done lists allows you to see how you are spending your time and make changes if necessary. 

What is a Done List

A done list, much like it sounds, is a running list of all the things you have completed.  As you go through your day, you pretty much just keep a running list in a pad, or notebook, or the notes app on your phone, of everything you do.  It is also helpful to note the amount of time spent on each task.  

This shouldn't be super time-consuming; a quick note is just fine. You just want a record of the types of tasks you are completing on a daily basis. 

Your list might look like :

  • Write blog post 1 hr
  • Create post images 30 min 
  • Create associated printable 1 hr
  • Write up social media blurbs 30 min
why you should have a done list

or it might look like:

  • Check email and voicemail 30 min
  • Write up report 1 hr
  • Browse Facebook 15 min
  • Visit location for assessment 2 hrs

Whatever it is, keep a running tally of the things you do each day for at least a week. 

Why You Should Do This

Once you have your weeks worth of done lists, its time to assess and adjust. Looking at what you do each day can be really enlightening. You can see how you are spending your time and determine whether it's in fact the best use of your time. 

You might find that you spend a ton of time each morning making breakfasts that never get eaten. You might find that you spend hours doing social media scheduling that your teen could totally do for you while you are free to do something else. You might be appalled at how much time you really spend scrolling through your news feed.  

Taking a look at your week's done list will allow you to determine how effectively you are using your time. You can also see whether some task should be delegated to other people and others should just not be done at all.  

Why you should have a done list

If you are a blogger of entrepreneur, this may mean hiring VAs (virtual assistants) or outsourcing some of the more simple tasks that take up your time, but really anyone can do.  If you are a stay at home mom, it might mean re-organizing your day, enlisting the help of your kids and spouse, or taking some things off your plate. If you are a working mom, you may need to delegate tasks, and re-assess priorities. 

No matter what you do, recording what you do each day and then reviewing your list can really help you determine how well you are actually using your time.  You might find that batching tasks could be helpful. Maybe outsourcing is the answer. 

By really looking at what you do, you can really determine how you can improve your time management and get more done efficiently. 

Have you ever put together a done list?  Did it help?



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