Quick And Easy DIY Costume Ideas Your Family Will Love

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Here at The Multitasking Mom, I love to save you mamas time. I know you have a lot on your plate, so I try to provide helpful advice on organization and time management to help you do more in less time. 

With Halloween coming up, I thought it would be helpful to put together a list of fun DIY costumes. But, unlike many other lists, this list makes sure you get the most bang for your time. This means least complicated but with great outcomes.

Today's post will help you save time in a different way.  With Halloween coming up, I thought it would be helpful to put together a list of fun DIY costumes.  But, unlike many other lists, this list makes sure you get the most bang for your time.  This means least complicated but with great outcomes. So without further ado, here are the costumes.  

Bob Ross and a Happy Little Tree

DIY Halloween Costumes

Ok, this one comes from Good Housekeeping and I kind of love it. It can be a couple's costume or a family costume or even a pregnancy costume. The man wears a fro, button down shirt, and jeans.  The woman dresses in brown and gets a leaf garland from the craft store which she can attach to her arms and head. The kids can be other parts of nature, or Bob's squirrel, Peapod.  Or make a little squirrel out of felt on your belly if you are preggers, or even if you're not.  So cute!

Bag of Jelly Beans

Check out this tutorial to see how with just some balloons, a clear plastic bag and some creativity, you can transform into a bag of jelly beans.  

Mary Poppins

DIY Halloween Costumes

Even if you aren't he craftiest of moms, you can totally put together this costume.  You just need to find the right pieces.  A longish skirt, white button down, umbrella, red belt and bowtie, black shoes, tights, a hat and a bag. No crafting necessary. Click the link to see how @lechicchicboom put this outfit together. 

Darla From Finding Nemo

OK, this one I think is just hilarious! Grab some craft wire to make fake head gear and draw some freckles on your face and make pigtails.  Then fill a clear plastic bag with some water and a toy fish. Brilliant! You check it out on Seventeen.com in the link above. 

Emoji Family

DIY Halloween Costumes

This one is so super simple but oh so cute. Just check out the Hello, Wonderful blog to see how she made each of the emojis for the family. I love how pop culture this is.  I'd love to see a family of emojis walking down the street. 

Paper Doll

This is another one that I thought was super creative. You grab some foam board and cut out a dress shape making sure to include the tabs. Do the same for any accessories. Then cut holes on each side and insert string to tie to your body. Cover with fabric or colored paper. And there you have it.  Instant costume!

Cookie Monster

DIY Halloween Costumes

I love this costume because not only is it cute, but it's also an excuse to eat cookies. Who doesn't love that?! This post from the Joy of Fashion shows you how to create the perfect tulle skirt for this fun girls costume. 

Starbucks Frappe

Not only is this super easy, but the link is to a video tutorial! Basically, you get a coffee colored dress and print out the Starbucks logo and attach it to the belly. Add a straw and some foam on top and you're golden. You can dress your kid up as the frappe and then wear your favorite coffee lovers shirt. You can find tons of options here.

Beanie Baby

DIY Halloween Costumes

OK, this one is in fact a pet costume which I found on cosmopolitan. All you need is some foam board, cut out a heart an color it to look like a Ty tag. Then just attach it to the collar and there you go! 

Wednesday and Cousin It

DIY Halloween costumes

So this is one costume and a trick or treat bucket.  The costume is pretty simple: white collared shirt, black dress, tights, black shoes, braids.  The creativity comes in the cousin it trick or treat basket.  The mom in this tutorial does it pretty much from scratch.  I bet that one of those raffia luau skirts could make this even easier!

I hope you enjoy these costume picks. I looked at a lot of DIY costumes, but I wanted ones that looked the most finished in the least amount of time. That said, Tyler again picked the theme for our halloween costumes this year and most will be store bought, although mine may be a little more creative.  But, you'll have to wait for the reveal on Halloween!!

Have you picked your halloween costumes yet? Let me know in the comments!



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