The Ultimate Bundles Affiliate Program - Why You Need It

Are you a blogger looking for an awesome affiliate program opportunity so you can earn more money from your blog?

There are so so many affiliate programs out there, which makes it hard to determine which ones are actually worth the time and effort. On top of that, you need to find ones that will appeal to and be valuable to your readers. No one wants to share a product that will disappoint followers or might even turn them away.

I’ve tried lots of different affiliate programs, many of which I stopped using because I could not find products I felt good about promoting or the program lacked reliability. This program is one of the best values I’ve found.

It offers a variety of choices to fit your blogging and/or social media audience. And just as important, it pays out reliably and generously.

Whether you’re a newbie blogger looking to monetize or if you’ve been working with affiliates for a while, this affiliate program is definitely one you should consider.

I’ve tried lots of different affiliate programs, many of which I stopped using because I could not find products I felt good about promoting or the program lacked reliability. This program is one of the best values I’ve found. Find out why!

Ultimate Bundles Affiliate Program Review + Upcoming Bundles!

If you’ve already purchased an Ultimate Bundle, then you already know it’s an amazing deal. I've purchased 3 bundles so far and I have loved every one.  Below are the reasons I work with the Ultimate Bundles affiliate program and why I think you’ll like it too!

1. Wide Range of Bundles Throughout The Year

Ultimate Bundles offers a huge variety of bundles throughout the year. They definitely have something to fit your blog and your audience. They have 3 evergreen bundles, the Conquer Your Clutter Super Bundle, the Gut Health Super Bundle, and the Herbs and Essential Oils Super Bundle which are appropriate for a wide variety of audiences. 

Throughout the year, they offer great week long bundle opportunities. These limited time offers really appeal to readers because they get such a great bargain during the sale.

If a person went around and individually purchased all the products found in a particular bundle, they’d pay around 10 to 20 times the bundle price! WHAT! With the kind of savings your readers can get from these bundles, how can they not be interested?

Here’s the Ultimate Bundles list for the remainder of 2017:

  • AUGUST 9-14: Parenting Super Bundle 
  • AUGUST 23-28: Ultimate Fitness Bundle
  • SEPTEMBER 20-25: Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 
  • OCTOBER 4-9: The Genius Blogger's Toolkit 
  • OCTOBER 16-17: Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Flash Sale
  • NOVEMBER 15-20: Company's Coming Super Bundle
  • NOV. 27-DEC. 4: Hand Crafts Super Bundle


2. Tons of Resources Within Each Bundle

I’ve been utterly impressed with the products available in all of the bundles.

With each purchase I just want to jump in and devour all of the amazing info and resources. They’re always put together thoughtfully and professionally & they’re full of inspiration and ideas.

Plus, you just get a TON of great stuff.

With the Conquer Your Clutter Super Bundle for example, they offer 38 products created by some of the top bloggers around.

These products cover everything from cleaning to tips for chores to organizing to managing your time to meal planning. EVERY item is relevant and high quality.

I know it can be hard to find affiliate products to promote that relate to motherhood or homemaking or parenting. With Ultimate Bundles, this is not the case.  

Back in April I talked about the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle.

It’s one of the MOST popular bundles, because is PACKED full of awesome information:

  • 2 Summits
  • 21 eCourses
  • 50 eBooks
  • 1 Membership
  • 4 Audios/Videos
  • 14 Printables
  • 13 Workbooks
  • 10 Bonuses

With all of this, you can totally transform the way you run your household and maybe gain some sanity back!

3. Incredible Value

Ultimate Bundles also offers The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit which is an incredible deal.

This is the first Ultimate Bundle that I purchased. After seeing some of the bloggers I look up to most promoting it, I had to check it out.  Once I saw all the resources available for all aspects of blogging and from some of the most respected and successful bloggers, I couldn't resist. I bought it and was completely blown away! 

The Genius Blogger's Toolkit

It’s PACKED full of amazing courses, eBooks, and bonus material on pretty much everything:

  • Product Creation
  • Blog Growth
  • Content Creation
  • Monetizing
  • Professional Blogging
  • Time Management & Productivity
  • Social Media
  • Tech Help
  • Photography & Images

Just a few of my favorites alone made it a total steal:

  • Building a Framework: The Ultimate Blogging Handbook Master Package by Abby Lawson ($75.00)
  • Time Management Mama by Beth Anne Schwamberger ($5.99)
  • Productivity Guide for Bloggers by Ruth Soukup ($97.00)
  • Triple Your Twitter by Helene Sula ($127.00)
  • Strategies Worth Sharing eBook & Workbook by Brittany Ann ($30.00)
  • From Idea to eBook by Mandi Ehman ($37.00)
  • Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers: The Fundamentals by Tasha Agruso ($75.00)
  • List Building Jumpstart by Laura Smith ($147.00)

There were over $5,000 in products available in the bundle…all for a silly low price.

This bundle is insanely valuable.


4. Freebies & Discounts!

This program understands that many bloggers refuse to promote products they haven’t tried, checked out, and endorsed. I just wouldn't fell comfortable promoting something I don’t believe in 100%. The Ultimate Bundles affiliate program gets it.

They extend freebies and great discounts to their affiliate bloggers.

You get access to the products before the sales begin, so you can try them, and really make sure you’re ready to endorse them before you promote them on your blog.

Then once you start earning affiliate commissions, they offer complimentary bundles. If you already purchased the bundle, once you make a handful of sales they will reimburse you for your purchase. You just can’t lose.

5. They Help You Promote

Yes, it’s easy to talk about the value that Ultimate Bundles provides to your readers, but what about you? If you are new to affiliate marketing and don't know how you would even been to promote the bundles to your audience, Ultimate Bundles has you covered. 

They offer plenty of free webinars, email copy, & marketing ideas – everything you need to share the bundles to your email list, on your blog & social media.

You don’t have make any of the images or banners – they provide it all.

Speaking honestly about the value and sharing their materials might just be enough to make your first one, two or ten sales! You can also use what you learn to apply to any affiliate you offer. 

6. They Help You Convert

So while they provide great marketing materials for you, they also boast great conversion rates (this is the percent of people who actually purchase after clicking a link).

HOW are they able to convert so many browsers into buyers? They offer high quality, relevant & helpful products for a terrific value… all for a limited time. Readers just can’t resist!

There’s just so much value to the package between the bonuses and the actual bundle that buying it becomes an easy decision for your reader.

7. Earn Great Commission

So the next question is how much does their affiliate program pay?

The answer is: you typically earn a 40% commission! This is huge as far as affiliate programs go.  

There is also an opportunity to earn even more!

Once you check out their products and fall in love (which I know you will), you may want to write and include your own product in a future bundle. Not only will you be grouped with other elite bloggers who are putting out great work, but your blog is also promoted when their readers see your products.

On top of all that, contributors typically earn 70% commission!

By working with Ultimate Bundles, you can make some serious money promoting awesome products and helping like-minded bloggers. How awesome is that!

8. Earn Even More

Can you believe you have the opportunity to earn even More with Ultimate Bundles?

You have already seen that if you refer someone, you will earn a commission on that sale. Now, when then when that person loves the bundle so much that they refer it to their audience, YOU get a commission for that too!

They call it a 2nd tier affiliate program & you earn 5% commission from every bundle sold by someone you refer.

It’s a great win-win opportunity especially because it’s a great product that quite literally sells itself.

And there you have it!

Ultimate Bundles affiliate program is a great opportunity and well worth your time and effort. Now is a great time to join as the Parenting Super Bundle is just a few weeks away. Help your reader find resources to help them parent confidently and tackle common parenting problems. 

If you’re STILL on the fence about this affiliate program & trying to figure out if it’s right for you, leave me a comment below with any concerns. I'll be happy to share my experience. 




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