10 Tips to Have a Successful Week

Would you consider last week successful? What about the last few weeks? Are your weeks a mad rush to get things done? Do you end your day completely exhausted but with nothing to show for it? 

As moms, we often spend our time being reactive instead of proactive. I totally get it. Life with my 14 week old can be very unpredictable not to mention my other two rugrats.

I can plan to get through the pile of mail on a Sunday afternoon, but I can't control if the baby is gassy and keeps the two year old from getting her nap.  This kills my chance of getting some quiet time to get things done. 

The tips below are ways you can ensure that you always have a successful week even when unexpected things derail you. 

We all want to have that feeling of satisfaction at the end of the week when we get the things done that we intended to,  Check out how you can ensure your weeks are successful 

1. Define Success

You can't ensure that you have a successful week unless you know what a successful week looks like. For one person, a successful week might mean exercise 5 days, healthy dinners 6 out of 7 days, and a family game night.

Someone else might define success as completing their work project, having one on one time with each kid, and a daily run. 

Your definition might change each week. One week you might focus on family and another you might have to focus on work. The point is to go into the week knowing what would make that week successful to you.

Ideally, this is something you would sit down and spend a few minutes figuring out each Sunday. 

2. Plan Ahead

The best way to make sure that the things you want to do actually get done is to put them on the calendar. Mark down appointments and meetings that are set in stone. Schedule time to complete your other tasks.

As moms, it's important to factor in buffer time. So for example if quiet time goes out the window on Sunday and I am unable to do the bills, I know that I have given myself a few days leeway, so everything will still be paid onetime the next day. 

3. Meal Prep

While we are planning ahead, one of the most important things to plan ahead are meals. Want your mornings to go smoothly? Know ahead of time what you have to make to bring with you.  Better yet make your meals on Sunday for the week so you can just grab and go.

Prep as much of your dinners as you can on Sunday so that each evening dinner is a breeze. If you want to learn more about meal planning, you can check out my post on the subject here.  

4. Exercise

First of all, you can never make time for exercise and then feel bad about contributing to your health and wellness. It's is the ultimate mood booster. Plus, there are a ton of major benefits to exercising including increased energy, clearing brain fog, increased endorphins, etc. 

You don't even have to spend a long time doing it. A 20 minute workout can be great for both your muscles and your mindset. 

5. Create a To Do List

Make a list of everything you want to get done during the week. Then pull out the things that actually have to get done and rank those by priority. 

Once you have your prioritized list, put these things on the calendar.  Try to schedule the highest priorities at the beginning of the week so even if they are delayed you still have more time before the endow the week. 

female friends hugging

6. Make Time For Loved Ones

When we connect with the people we love and care about, we are happier people. As young moms. we may not be able to go out with our friends every week, but we can make a phone call. 

Make time each week to call at least one friend to keep in touch and chat. In a world where everyone is a text a way, it's nice to have an actual conversation. Not only will it fill your cup, but your friend will enjoy a mood boost too. 

7. Let Go of the Week Before

Every once in a while despite our best efforts, we may not be able to get everything done during the week that we intended to. You may be disappointed, but don't bring that negativity with you.

Leave last week in the past so that you can move onto the new week. Take a shower, or take a walk or take a deep breath and remove yourself from the past week. Start the new week with positivity and know that you can always try again in the coming week.  

8. Do One Thing You've Been Procrastinating On

We all have them, those things we don't want to do so week keep putting them off. Not only will you finally get that thing done, but you will also get that feeling of accomplishment when you can finally check that item off your list. 

The energy you receive from getting that one thing done can motivate you to get through the rest of your to do list for the week!

9. Do Something You Enjoy

Take some time each day to do something you enjoy. Watch an episode of that guilty pleasure show, read a chapter of a book, do a puzzle. 

You probably can't let it take over your whole day, I mean there are things to do an mouths to feed. But, doing one thing each day that you truly enjoy can help you feel a lot better about your week even if every single thing didn't get done. 

10. Get Good Sleep

Getting a good nights sleep allows your body to recharge and regenerate. Just one night of less than adequate sleep can slow our reaction times, cause us to crave sugar, and make us snippy. 

That means losing sleep can make us eat unhealthy foods and overreact to the actions of our loved ones. I don't know about you, but its hard for me to feel good about my week when I've snapped at the kiddos all week.

Sleep is a hard one for moms. I'm still doing those middle of the night feedings with my little one. But its so important to really try our best to get adequate sleep for ourselves and the people we care about.  

What do you do to make sure you have a successful week? Let me know in the comments!