How to Reduce the Space Needed to Store Decor

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I don't know about you, but I love decorating for the seasons. I love having the inside of my home reflects whats going on outside and whatever holiday season we're in. 

The problem with this is then I need to store decor items for every season and holiday when they are not in use.  This can add up to a lot of storage space being used for decor. 

Check out these tips to reduce the amount of space it takes to store your seasonal decor. 

Now I can't shrink the size of your Christmas tree or make your plastic turkey take up any less space.  Some things just are what they are. 

However, there are some things we seasonal decorators can do to decrease the amount of space used by our decor items.  

Vacuum Bags

I love to decorate with seasonal pillows and throws. Tossing these onto the couch has a way of making the whole room fit the season.

These fluffy items however are notorious for taking up a lot of storage space. Dump them in a plastic bin and you're talking a lot of wasted space

Instead you can pick up some vacuum storage bags for these fluffy, bulky items.  If you change them out by season you only need 3 bags since one season is already in use. If you have ones specific for the holidays, a few more bags may be needed.  

Double Duty Items

Speaking of holiday specific items, another way to minimize storage space is to minimize the holiday specific items. Of course there are some things you can't do without like the Christmas tree or the spider webs. On the other hand there are many items that are holiday appropriate that can last the whole season.

For example, you can dress up an evergreen garland for Christmas with lights and bows, but you can leave it up for the rest of winter as well.  (assuming that it is fake and won't die) You can carve your monogram into a faux pumpkin and use it for Halloween as well as the rest of the fall. 

Next time you see decor items in the store look for the ones that are appropriate for the whole season instead of just for the holiday.  This will make your holiday decor seem fuller, but will keep your house decorated for the rest of the season.  Many items can take you from September through Halloween and Thanksgiving. Many winter items can be up for Christmas and stay until spring. 

Printable Signs

I absolutely love using signs to decorate for the different seasons. They can dress up a wall or a mantle or a bookshelf and have just the right quote to embody the time of year. 

The problem is that whether these signs are canvas or wood or metal, they can take up a lot of storage space.  

Instead you can pick up a nice 8" x 10" frame and make or purchase printable signs to decorate your home. The frame can stay up all year round and you can either re-print the signs each year or just keep a folder of the signs to put up as the seasons change. 

I realized I had this issue, so I created several fall, winter, and Easter signs for use in my home.  I plan to create more for the other seasons and times of year.  Then I thought, if I can use them, so can others.  So these signs are available for 99 cents in my Etsy shop. Definitely check them out if you are looking for some fall or winter decor. 

Have you thought of a way to minimize the amount of space your decor items take up? Let us know in the comments!