Playroom Organization Ideas You Need to Know

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Do you feel like you need to whip out the "Caution" tape cause the room in which your kids play is a disaster zone? Are you constantly stepping on Legos? Ouch! Or tripping over toys? Maybe you just want to cut down on the clutter.

A compilation of the best tips, tricks, and ideas to organize any kids bedroom or playroom.

Playrooms are notorious for being the messiest rooms in the house, but they don't have to be.  The following tips can help you keep your playroom from becoming a danger zone.

Don't Expect Perfection

If you expect the playroom to stay perfectly clean, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. This is a well used and well loved room, so it's not going to remain sparkly clean on a regular basis.  Instead make a rule that's doable. We state that the center of the room has to be clear every night so there is room for traffic

Try Not Labeling Things

Labeling bins means that every time your child loses interest in a toy or out grows it, a new label has to be made.  This can get tedious. Plus some times its easier to combine things.  By not labeling and just organizing by general type of toy, organization will take far less upkeep.

playroom organization

Use Bins

I love bins. They are portable so you can easily bring toys to where you want to play.  They are open on top so you can easily see whats inside. It's super easy to toss things into them when its time to clean up. Bins just make so many things easy!

Save Space by Putting Puzzles in Pencil Cases or Ziplock Bags

I recently found this tip, and I love it. Puzzle boxes take up a lot of space and the puzzles never really take up the whole box. Instead put the puzzle pieces into a soft pencil case or ziplock bag.  You can snap a picture of the puzzle picture, print it out, and place it in the bag with the puzzle so you have a picture to use as reference and you know which puzzle is which. The place all the bags in a bin and voila, you've saved a ton of space!

Put a Bench Between Two Bookshelves

If your kid is a reader, they might like to have a cozy spot to cuddle up to a good book.  By sandwiching a bench between two bookcases, you can create a perfect little reading nook.


Store Craft Supplies in Over The Door Shoe Racks

An over the door shoe racks like the one pictured above from Amazon, are perfect for storing art supplies. This is especially true for see through ones, that way you can see what is in each bin.  Each bin can store a different supply.  One for glue, one for paint brushes, one for pom moms, etc.. This keep supplies organized and out of the way.

Hang Clipboards on the Wall to Easily Display Art

A great way to decorate a kids' space is with their artwork.  Take the hassle out of hanging projects by hanging a few clipboards on the wall. Then as soon as a project is completed you can easily clip it to the wall.

playroom organization

Use Seating that Doubles as Storage

Multi use is the name of the game when trying to maximize space.  Bonus points if the seating can be tucked under the table when not in use.

Take Advantage of Under the Bed Space

Pick up some under the bed storage bins and make use of that hidden space.  We have a bin containing Tyler's artwork under his bed so it's easily accessible yet out of the way.


Use Hanging Planters as Storage Bins

Hanging Wall Planters are perfect for storing small toys or stuffed animals.  Just hang them on the wall at an easily reachable height for your kids. I love this for beanie babies or Shopkins, or any other small toy really.

Rotate Toys

By rotating toys, you have less toys out on display at anyone time.  This mean less toys to cleanup.  Another benefit is it can make older toys feel like new, which means less toys coming in the house.


Use Slanted Shoe Racks To Display Collections

Have a toy car collector in the family? Slanted shoe racks are perfect for displaying toy cars and other such collectibles.

Do Regular Big Pickups

Try to do a big pickup at the end of each day.  Make this part of the bedtime routine.  If your kids want to keep a toy out to continue playing the next day, make sure that it is out of the way and there is a clear path for traffic. Having a rule about putting things back before taking new things out can also help.


Use Foam Mats In Part of the Room

Foam play mats are perfect flooring for any playroom.  They save little knees and noggins from injury as your littles crawl around the room.  Unlike carpets, they are also easy to wipe clean.  Lastly, with the puzzle-like pieces, they can become an activity themselves.

I hope that you found these tips and ideas helpful.  Which one was your favorite?  Let me know in the comments.

Have a great weekend!



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