Paper Plate Fan Craft

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It is sweltering here in the Northeast. These past few days have been brutal! Somewhat unrelated, we haven't really done a craft project in a while. This has a lot to do with the move and half our stuff being in storage.  

Today we decided it was high time we crafted. We scrounged up what limited supplies we could find and determined that we could make paper plate fans. This was a fun little craft that is also super useful. Perfect for summer!

Check out this super fun and easy summer craft. You only need limited supplies and limited time. This quick and simple craft is fun for toddlers and preschoolers. Plus you get a fan out of the deal!
Paper Plate Fan Craft

What to do

1. The first step is to cut the paper plate in half. 

Paper Plate Fan Craft

2. If you have a plate that is white on both sides, you can color any side of your plate. We were using leftover plates from the 4th of July, so we colored the back side.

Paper Plate Fan Craft

3. Flip the plate so that the side that you colored is facing down.

4. Place two plastic knives onto the back of the plate to form a V. Have the serrated edges overlap the plate and face center. See the picture below. 

Paper Plate Fan Craft

5. Tape or glue the knives to the plate as well as to each other at the point where they meet. 

Paper Plate Fan Craft

6. Flip it over and you have your very own fan!

Paper Plate Fan Craft

This project is perfect for summer because well, it's hot. If you are extra lucky, your child will want to fan you instead of themselves. I was extra lucky! 

Either way, it's a fun indoor project to complete with the kiddos. There are tons of other items you can use to decorate your fan. This can include stickers, paint, crayons, glitter, and colored pencils. You can also use popsicle sticks to make the handle. 

There are tons of options, just use what you have.  That's what we did and it was a blast!

Hope you're keeping cool, and if not, make a fan, lol.



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