Toilet Paper Roll Santa Craft

My son loves creating craft projects. He loves cutting and gluing and just plain creating something new. We’ve been crafting together for years and have made numerous project for the various holidays and just for fun.

Now that Hailey is getting older, we are letting her join in on the fun. This week we created little Santas using toilet paper rolls.

Hailey liked helping make her first bigger project and Tyler liked showing her how to do it. We all had a blast and I think our Santa’s came out pretty cute. 

Here’s how we made them

Need something to do to entertain the kiddos this Christmas season? Check out this project:

What You Need

Toilet Paper Roll



Construction Paper

Cotton Balls




White Pom Pom (optional)

Santa craft materials

What To Do

  1. First we cut a strip of orange construction paper with a width of about 1/3 of the height of the toilet paper roll. We taped one end of the strip to the tube at the top and wrapped the strip around the tube. We glued the other end in place and this formed Santa’s head. Tyler chose orange, but you could also use white.

Making Santa’s face

2. Next we cut a strip of red construction paper with a width about 2/3 the height of the toilet paper roll. We attached this the same way as the orange to form Santa’s coat.

3. Then we cut a small strip of white paper about 1/4 inch wide and an inch long for the front of Santa’s coat. We glued this to the front of Santa.

gluing on Santa’s trim

4. We then cut a strip of black paper about 1/4 inch wide for Santa’s belt. We attached this like we did the head and coat.

5. Next we stretched a cotton ball a bit and glued it to Santa’s face to form his beard.

6. We used a marker to draw Santa’s eyes and nose.

Drawing on Santa’s face

7. We used a cup to trace a circle onto red paper and cut out the circle. We cut a slit about halfway through the circle. We overlapped the cut edges until the formed a cone for Santa’s hat. We glued the edges in place and then glued the hat to the top edge of Santa’s head.

8. Finally, we rolled a small piece of a cotton ball into a small Pom Pom and glued it to the point of Santa’s hat. You can also use a small white Pom Pom.

Our finished toilet paper roll Santas

And there you you have it, a cute little Santa craft to make with the kiddos. The kids get to cute and glue and draw a bit too.  

We stopped at bedtime, but you could also stretch out another cotton ball and glue it to the rim of the hat all the way around for the trim or just on the back of the head for Santa’s hair. 

If you use green paper and leave off the beard, you can make elves too. If you keep it red, drop the beard and add some eyelashes, you can have Mrs. Claus. You can fill Santa’s workshop with toilet paper characters.  

I hope you try this out with your kiddos.  Tag me on the socials if you do. I’d love to see them!!