Super Fun Easter Bunny Toilet Roll Craft

Easter is coming which in our house means it’s time to get crafty. This week we created some super cute Easter bunnies out of construction paper and toilet paper rolls.

The kids loved putting this together and my 6 year old especially loved helping his little sister. Plus, since we have been collecting toilet paper rolls for a while for crafting, my husband was happy that we were making use of some of them, lol.

You can check out the full instructions below. Happy Crafting!!

This fun and simple Easter bunny craft is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. All you need is construction paper, a toilet paper roll, a pipe cleaner, and a pom pom or cotton ball.

What You Need

Toilet paper roll

White and pink construction paper


Black marker

Cotton ball or white pom pom

White pipe cleaners


What To Do

  1. First measure a strip of white paper the same height as your roll and long enough to wrap around the roll with some overlap.


2. Cut out your strip and glue it onto your roll to cover it.

3. Cut out two ears from the white paper and two smaller ears out of the pink paper


4. Glue the pink ears onto the white ears and then glue them onto the bunny.


5. Cut out a small triangle from the pink paper for the bunny’s nose.

6. Cut out a heart shape from the white construction larger than the base of the roll and glue it to the bottom of the roll for the bunny’s feet.


7. Use your black marker to draw a face for your bunny and glue on the pink triangle nose.

8. Glue the cotton ball or pom pom to the back of the bunny for his tail.


9. Poke a hole on each side of the bunny just below the face for the bunny’s arms.

10. Bend two pipe cleaners to form the bunny’s arms. You can make a simple arm by just bending the pipe cleaner in the middle or you can try to form fingers.

11. Stick the ends of the pipe cleaners into the holes on each side of the bunny.


And there you have it. A cute little paper roll bunny to play with or put on display. My kids had our bunnies do the bunny hop around the living room before finding their home on our window sill.

For more fun craft ideas, check out my toddler craft book which you can find here!! Share this craft with your friends!!



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