12 Back to School DIY Ideas

We are rounding out this series of blog posts on Back to School prep today with a collection of fun back to school DIY projects found across the internet.  

Last Friday we talked about finding unique back to school items from some awesome Etsy shops. On Tuesday, we talked about tactics for making mom friends on the first day of school. 

Today's post will help you have fun with your kiddo and help them get excited about the new school year.  

Below are a collection of articles found by scouring Pinterest and Google for fun and crafty projects for you and your kiddo over these last few weeks of summer. 

Check out these awesome back to school craft projects that will help your kiddo get excited about going back to school.

Pencil Door Hanger

You and your kiddo can make this super cute door hanger with some paint, some popsicle sticks, craft foam, sticky letters, ribbon, and tape. Its a great way to tell the family you are busy doing homework and should not be disturbed. 

Paper Clip Bookmarks

These fun book marks will stay secure in your book and help you keep track of what you are up to. Best of all they can be made to fit your personality! You can use objects from around the house to make bookmarks you love. Make it a scavenger hunt!

Wafer Pencil Cookies

All you need to make these adorable little pencils are sugar wafers, white and pin candy melts, and mini chocolate chips. While I'm not a big fan of sugar, these are super cute for an extra special occasion. 

Pencil Shoes

Rock the first day of school with some awesome pencil sneakers. All you need is some painters tape, a paint brush, paint in the appropriate colors, and white canvas sneakers.  I think this is honestly my favorite back to school DIY. 

Picture Perfect Pencils

If you've got plain old pencils, grab some washi tape or some fun contact paper. Use these to wrap your pencils for fun one of a kind designs. You can also marbleize your pencils using paint. a la Martha Stewart. Don't worry, it's super easy!


Popsicle Stick Frame

This project is perfect for showing off that 1st day of school picture you know you will be taking.  You can make this ahead of time and hopefully that will entice your kiddos to take a great picture on Day 1 knowing that it's going to be put in this frame!

Back to School Handprint Shirt

This is an awesome way to document your child's growth over their school years. Each year they make a handprint on the shirt and take a picture in the shirt. By the end of their high school career, you can see how much they have grown. 

Emoji Paper Clips

Emojis are all the rage nowadays. Those little yellow smileys are so full of emotion and everyone loves them. You guys can make your own emoji paper clips to help you keep your papers organized and cute. 

Giant Fillable Pencil

This super cute pencil is made out of a Pringles can and can be used to store some of your school supplies. This is a fun project with adult assistance since a glue gun is used. 

Paracord zipper pull.jpg

Paracord Zipper Pull

This super simple project just requires a piece of cord. You can find a color your kid loves and follow the steps for a simple knotted pull cord to make opening backpacks and lunch boxes easier. Plus, the knot tying involved can help your kid work on coordination!

R2-D2 Pencil Holder

OK this one is a close second to the pencil sneakers. Who doesn't love Star Wars? Don't answer that. Just click the link and check out this super cute pencil holder. This fun felt pencil cup is simple but looks so good. 

Duck Tape Bookmarks

These bookmarks are a fun way to mark your page in your book. I love how sturdy they are and how they just slip onto the corner of your book.  Plus there are so many designs of duck tape to choose from! 

Back to School Blocks

Have an old Jenga game that's missing pieces? Turn them into these super cute back to school blocks. With a little paint and a lot of imagination, you can turn these blocks into adorable back to school objects.