Butterfly Preschool Craft

This week T and I decided to get back to crafting.  We hadn't done a project in a while, so we decided to make something new. We created some tie dye style wipes butterflies. This is a two part process, but the supplies are super simple. They are also a lot of fun to create. 

A fun and simple two part craft project that is perfect for preschoolers. Create a simple tie dyed butterfly. 

What You Need

Baby Wipes (Huggies are thinner and would likely work better than Pampers)

Pipe Cleaners


Rubber Bands or String

Scissors (to cut string)

What To Do

1. Take a wipe, hold it in the center and pull down the sides. 

butterfly preschool craft

2. Take 2-3 rubber bands or pieces of string and tie off the wipe into sections. 

butterfly preschool craft

3. Use markers to color the tied off sections.  Make sure to color inside all the folds as much as possible.

butterfly preschool craft

4. When you are done coloring, remove the strings or rubber bands and lay out your wipes on paper towels to let dry. You can touch up with the markers if necessary

butterfly preschool craft

5. While the wipes are drying, you can read a book about butterflies, or The Very Hungary Caterpillar by Eric Carle, or watch A Bug's Life, or have dinner. Pretty much anything that distracts your toddler from constantly asking if its dry yet. 

butterfly preschool craft

6. Once it's dry, its time to make the butterfly. The markers should have soaked into the wipe blurring the marker strokes.  Take a pipe cleaner and fold it in half.  

7. Twist the pipe cleaner twice about 2 thirds of the way up from the fold. Scrunch up the wipe in the center and place between the two pipe cleaner ends.

butterfly preschool craft

8. Twist the pipe cleaners again above the wipe leaving two ends for the antennae. 

butterfly preschool craft

We hope you try out this project. We had a lot of fun coloring our wipes and then seeing how the colors blurred. You could also try this with liquid dyes or paint. It's a fun project to hang from a bulletin board too!



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