Avengers Birthday Party Recap

The last time I wrote a post, Tyler was 4.   Now he's 5 and we have had a super fun Avengers birthday party in his honor.  Today is my husband's birthday, but we won't get into how old he is...

On Sunday afternoon, the Avengers were out in full force with decorations, games, party favors, and the most amazing cake and cupcakes.  I can say that since I definitely did not do the baking! I will get into how we created the party below.

The party itself had a bit of a rocky start. T is a very shy, sensitive little guy. While he was looking forward to this party all week, when friends and family all arrived at the same time, it was a bit overwhelming. It took a bit of coaxing and warming up, but he ended up having a really good time.

Meanwhile, his sister, was the Belle of the ball. She was coloring and playing with the big kids, and dancing her tushy off. Being at a party totally puts her in her element and she powered through the party even with no nap. 

Want to know how we made it happen? Check it out!

Check out how we put together an Avengers party for 5 Year Olds! 


As far as the decor is concerned, pretty much everything came from OrientalTrading.com.  They had pretty much everything we needed from scene setters, balloons, tablecloths, to banners and table decor. My favorite was the giant hulk cardboard standee that we used to take pictures with. 

We purchased a helium tank from Party City which we used to fill up some of the balloons.  This included the vellum ones and some of the latex balloons.  We put one outside so people would know where the party was and the rest were placed around the room. 

We blew up the last bit of latex balloons by hand and this was a major hit with the kiddos. They loved playing keep up with the balloons. 

Avengers Decor
Avengers Decor
Avengers Decor


For the entertainment, we kept things simple.  We got a pin the A on Captain America game from Orientaltrading.com and the rest were simple preschool games.  I will say that Oriental Trading had an Avengers pinata, however, Tyler was not a fan of that game so we didn't pick that up. 

Instead we played freeze dance, duck duck goose, and hot potato (using one of Tyler's Hulk fists as the potato). I also printed out several copies of Avengers coloring pages for the kids to use. For prizes, we headed over to Dollar Tree and picked up and assortment of $1 puzzles for the kids to take home.  We made sure we had enough for everybody and played enough times so that everyone could win. We also picked up a dollar box of crayons from Dollar Tree for the coloring pages. 

Avengers Games
Avengers Games


We kept the food simple with chips, pretzels, pop corn, and juice boxes for the kids and soda for the adults.  We timed the party to be between meals so we wouldn't have to drop a ton of cash on food.  The kids food came from Costco and the sodas and bowls for the chips came from Dollar Tree.  

The cake and cupcakes came from my girl Elyse at Flour Love Sweets By Elyse. She makes the cutest cakes and cupcakes to fit any theme.  Plus the cakes are delicious and not too sweet. She makes everything custom to your tastes and desires. So my boy got a chocolate chocolate hulk head with a variety of Avengers cupcakes. 

Avengers Cake and Cupcakes
Hailey eating an Avengers Cupcake from Flour Love Sweets

Party Favors

Aside from the Dollar Tree puzzles, we picked up party bags for our little guests.  We got the bags and Avengers toy packs from OrientalTrading.com and then threw in a few pieces of candy from Dollar Tree as well.  It was basically a few trinkets, but considering that when we announced that it was time for presents, multiple kids thought they were receiving the presents, it let them come home with a little something. 

The party was a blast.  For this age group, I definitely recommend having enough prizes for everyone and enough games that everyone can win even if it is best helper or best colorer. While I am definitely a proponent of not everyone winning in school or sports, etc., at a 5 year old birthday party, you don't want anyone leaving feeling bad. You also don't want kids associating losing with your kid's party.