Creating a Lego Brick Party

If you have been keeping up, you know that T's long awaited 3rd birthday party was this weekend.  The theme was a Lego brick party due to his current obsession with Legos. The party was a huge success, T had a blast and so did his guests.  Here's a breakdown on how we made it happen!


For the majority of the decor, we went to  If you search for "brick party" they have a bunch of items for decor, games and favors.  Since Tyler's guests were either adults or 2 and under, we didn't really need games and favors, but we did get our tableware, signs, utensils and streamers from there.  We also got the wall decor including a brick backdrop for photos and brick figure cutouts.


For the actual food, we had typical toddler party foods.  Mini PB&J sandwiches, chocolate milk boxes, chips, pretzels, bagel bites, and pigs in a blanket. The desserts were another story.  We ordered Lego brick molds from Amazon and bought candy melts in assorted colors. We then made mini figure and brick shaped candies.  We used these to decorate cupcakes and as stand alone candies.  We then got brick shaped candles to fit with the theme.  We also ordered a large mini figure mold which a friend used to create a Lego man cake.  You can see the results below!

Display Items

In order to help Tyler be a part of creating his own party, we decided to make some of the display items out of his own Lego Duplo Blocks.  Together we made a display for his cakes and cupcakes as well as holders for the knives, forks, spoons, and napkins.  I think this was my favorite party of the decor since this was something we got to do together!  .


As I said, most of our guests were adults and then a few babies, so toys and knick knacks wouldn't go over well with this crowd.  Instead, we found mini figure crayons which we were able to give out as favors.

Interaction Ideas

Overall, we had a great time! Tyler loved helping make the decor and helping us hang up all the signs.  He even participated in the brick candy making process.  The guests really appreciated all the little Lego touches.  For older kids or parties with more kids as guests, Oriental Trading has a twister-like brick game.  You can also print out a large mini figure image and have pin the head on the mini figure.  Other fun party games can include finding who can build the tallest tower in a certain time frame, sorting blocks by color, or taking pictures of different small things you built out of the bricks, printing them out and then having the kids try to re-create them.


Below are a few more images from our party.  Some of my favorite moments include T requesting to take a belly picture in front of the Lego backdrop, watching him open his presents and watching him see his cake for the first time!

I am now officially recovered from birthday party weekend.  Its just in time too because this week I have 2 grad school exams, my husband's birthday is Saturday, and Sunday is my nephew's birthday party.  Here's to another busy week!!



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