A Sesame Street Second Birthday

This weekend we celebrated the 2nd birthday of Hailey girl. She's not actually 2 yet. In fact, she won't be 2 for another 2 weeks. However, with her birthday being May 12 and my due date being May 17, we thought it was safer to have her party a little early. 

At almost 2 years old, Hailey's interests have branched out a bit more.  She loves Coco and Moana and she really loves the Hippy and Hoppy YouTube Channel.  But most of all, she loves Sesame Street. So that is the theme we chose for her birthday. 

Check out how we created a Sesame Street themed party for our almost 2 year old!  

Etsy Stuff

As usual, we purchased some key items from Etsy.  The first thing we got was Hailey's outfit. We got an adorable pink tutu, Sesame Street #2 onesie, and purple and pink headband from Birthday Tutu Outfits. I loved this shop for the cute selection and quick turn around.

Sesame Street Birthday Outfit from Birthday Tutu Outfits on Etsy

We got Hailey's invites from Oh Party Invitation. We just ordered the digital file and then sent it out both via email and Facebook event.  This avoids the hassle of mailing things out and since most of our guests were family, we had all their contact info. 

My most favorite item was the printable Sesame Street coloring book that we got from the All For Kids Studio shop. This was a digital file that you could print out as many times as you want with Sesame Street coloring pages and games. Each page was personalized with Hailey's name and age. We printed out a bunch and gave them out as favors for all the kids.  We also gave out 4 packs of crayons. 

Personalized Sesame Street coloring book from All For Kids Studio Shop on Etsy

Next up was a hand made Elmo sign that said Hailey is 2. This was a super cute pick up from the Grey Monet shop. We hung this on the front door so people would know where the party was.  This was the first time anyone was actually seeing our new house, so we wanted to make it clear where the party was. So that sign and some balloons out front did the trick.

The last item we got from Etsy was an Elmo poster frame from Broadview Designs.  This was a digital file that I uploaded on the Staples website and got printed out in 16 x 24 poster size.  I chose semi-gloss paper so that it was sturdy, but wouldn't cause too much glare in pictures. Hailey loved sticking her face in there for pictures.  

Elmo Photo Op Frame from Broadview Designs on Etsy

Party City

Basically everything else decor-wise came from Party City. This includes all of the plates and napkins and cups and forks and balloons and table clothes, and centerpieces, and banners. We had a giant scene setter that we had actually purchased for Tyler's 1st birthday party 4 years ago which was also Sesame Street themed. This had also been purchased from Party City.

There were a few other signs that we were able to use from that party too, but not much since most of the stuff said first birthday. Although Hailey is petite and still wearing 12M sized clothes, she is definitely all 2 year old!

The Cake

My bestie, Elyse, came through again with another gorgeous set of cake and cupcakes from Flour Love Sweets. She made an adorable little cake with Elmo and Abby on the top and then a variety of cupcakes with fondant toppers of all our favorite characters. 

Hailey of course couldn't wait to get her hands on those cakes and cupcakes.  She definitely has herself a sweet tooth. Below is her impatiently waiting her chance to dig in!

Cake by Flour Love Sweets
Cupcakes by Flour Love Sweets

The last thing we used to plan this party is of course my Kids Birthday Party Planner. This simple printable helps me plan all of my kids birthday parties.  It keeps me on the right timeline to get everything done without becoming overwhelmed. And let me tell you that is a real possibility when you are throwing a party at 37 weeks pregnant in a house that is still being moved into.

The Recap

Hailey had a blast at her party. She had several little friends come by to celebrate with her along with lots of aunts and uncles and grandparents. She was the belle of the ball. Check out some of the party highlights below. 


If you are planning a Sesame Street party I definitely recommend all of the shops that we used. Everything had a timely turnaround and purchasing was straight forward.  

If I was a little less pregnant and a little more ambitious, I may have attempted a more Sesame Street themed menu instead of what we actually had (pizza). But pizza is also Hailey's favorite food.  SO if the birthday girl was happy, I was happy. 

I am so relieved that the party went off without a hitch now onto Baby Watch 2018 as we impatiently await the arrival of Baby Belle! Counting down to May 17th and who knows, this might actually be my first kid that doesn't come late!