Birthday Party Planning Made Simple

In just a few days we will be hosting Tyler's first big boy birthday party.  He is in preschool this year so he actually has friends his own age to invite to his party and play games with.  I guarantee I am definitely more excited than he is. In order to make sure this event goes off without a hitch, I created my own party planner which is now available on my Shop.  

There is a lot that goes into planning a birthday party and now that Tyler has kids coming, more planning is required.  In the past, parties consisted of family, mom and dad's friends, and his one cousin.  We'd eat some food, open some presents and just hang out.  While we did go all out as far as theme goes, we didn't need activities.  You can see Tyler's last birthday party here.  Now that we have kids coming we have to consider kids' eating habits as well as activities.

In order to facilitate the planning of this event, I created my own little party planner.  It includes a timeline/checklist of when to get different aspects of the party prep completed, as well as pages for planning guest list, event time and location, theme selection, supplies, menu, activities, layout, budget, and a gift log.  Included in the timeline are things like when to order the cake if you are ordering one, when to book entertainment, when to book the location. The supplies list includes many of the common things used at birthday parties. On the other hand, it also includes plenty of space to add your own items.

I did a Facebook live last night walking through the complete planner and how I used it for Tyler's party.  You can check out that video below.

Party Planner Walk-through

I hope this planner helps you with your next birthday party.  At only $2.99, it's a minimal cost for great peace of mind. Plus, you can reprint it whenever you need it so it totally pays for itself!