Clay Pot Leprechaun Craft

It's officially March which means spring is almost here! I can't wait for warm weather, sun, and closing on our new house! Tyler and I were itching to do a craft project recently to get our creative juices flowing.  We decided to get some green back into our lives with a green leprechaun hat craft.  

This was a super fun and simple project that allowed Tyler to do one of his favorite things: paint.  It even got him excited enough to step away from his Avenger legos for the evening! Win!

Check out this cute and simple Leprechaun Hat Craft.  The perfect addition to your St Patrick's Day decor. 

What You Need

  • Terra Cotta Pot
  • Green Paint
  • Black Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Gold Ribbon
  • Glue

What to Do

1. First paint the entire exterior of the pot green.  Tyler loved this part.  He wanted to paint the inside too.  The is totally ok, but also unnecessary. You can leave that up to your little artist.  

Painting terra cotta pot green for leprechaun craft

2. Once the exterior has been painted green, it has to dry. You can use this time to do other painting and cluing, have a snack, or watch paint dry.  It shouldn't take too long unless there are gobs of paint on the pot.

Leprechaun craft paint drying

3. Once it is done drying, paint a black band all the way around the pot just above the rim of the pot if you are holding the pot upside down.  I assisted by holding the pot while T painted.  

Painting black band on leprechaun hat craft

4. This super thin coat dries even more quickly.  In fact, by the time we cleaned the brushes, the pot was ready for the next step.  That is to cut 4 small strips of gold ribbon and put 4 small glue dots in a small square around the black band.  (see below)

Preparing to glue gold ribbon buckle onto leprechaun hat craft

5. Finally, use the 4 pieces of ribbon to form a square buckle around the ribbon on the hat. Any excess glue you have here should dry clear,  

Finished Terra cotta pot leprechaun hat craft

You may have to touch up some of the paint at the end for a more finished look. Note, if you have long nails, you may scratch the paint if you are not careful.  All in all, it is a simple, fun and cute craft. Definitely one to leave out on display! 

What do you do to celebrate St Patrick's Day with your family? Let me know in the comments.