Do You Know Your Self Worth?

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With Mother's Day coming up, we can expect to receive some precious gifts from our spouse and kids.  Maybe its a project they made in school, or flowers, or chocolates, or even jewelry. These are all super special signs of how much our families value us. 

This is a very important day in the lives of moms. Our kids are not always the best at showing us how much they love and appreciate us. They seem far quicker to tell us when they don't like the food we cooked, or the decision we made, or the fact that it's bedtime.  This is especially true as they get older and the cuddles and hugs and kisses decrease and the desire for independence increases. 

It's important to have these moments where we can remember that our kids really do appreciate and value us. On the other hand, what is even more important is that you remember to value yourself.  This Mother's Day I want to help you give yourself the gift of self worth. 

So many moms are feeling overwhelmed by the many roles they have as a mom, wife, worker, human, etc. We forget ourselves in our rush to serve others.  It's important to remember our value and realize our self worth. 

Self Worth Leads to Self Care

As a mom, it is easy to get swept up in the rush of day to day tasks and not take time to think about ourselves. We think about what we have to do and not the value that we provide. We focus on our failures and brush aside our victories. 

In order to reduce the overwhelm of motherhood the first step is to really look at ourselves. We won't make time for reducing our load, or setting goals, or making me time if we don't think we're worth it. 

I wrote the book on taking control of your time, but you can't implement it until you first realize the value of yourself and your time. I'm here to help. 

Take a moment to really read and re-read the section below.  Take it to heart. Accept and understand that being a mom is hard and the simple, seemingly inconsequential things we do each day are valuable. You are worthy of love, of relaxation, of living in your purpose, right now, not waiting til your kids are grown. 

mom and baby in nature

You Are Valuable

You are valuable! You mean so much to your family, your friends, and your community.  It can often seem impossible to see your value past the pile of dirty diapers, cluttered counters, or toddler tantrums.

We may not realize it, but one of the first signs we have lost ourselves as a person is our lack of self-care. Remember, you are valuable and important. You have unique talents and gifts that make you, well, you.

Whether you are a working mom, a work from home mom, or a stay at home mom, you are still valuable! You are still adding value to the lives of everyone around you. 

Why do we moms not have a higher self-worth? I believe it’s because we have too many false ideals of what “perfect” is or should be.  THERE IS NO PERFECT. We need to STOP comparing ourselves to the magazine-worthy images we see on Pinterest or the perfectly posed pictures on our Instagram feed.

We may never have those flat abs and peach shaped bottom. Our cupcakes might always be a little lopsided. It is unlikely our pantry will ever be that organized! And even if you are lucky enough to have one of those things, nobody has it all. 

Instead, focus on your strengths and how you can use them to bless those around you. Take the time to compare who you are now with who you were in the past and most importantly, who you know you can become.  Remember that your children are relying on you to be your best so that you can show them how to be their best.

It’s time you remember: You are valuable! YOU are worth it

Next Steps

Are you feeling a little less than? Have you been prioritizing everyone else and spending no time thinking about yourself? This Mother's Day or any day really, take a little time to discover why you may be feeling inadequate and really see the value that you are providing to those around you. 

Fill out the form below to receive a simple worksheet with questions to ponder and help you discover why you may be feeling less than, what you can do about it, and also see the value you already possess.  

You are so so valuable mama!