Where to Find Unique School Supplies

Are you ready for back to school? I am already seeing first day of school pictures on my social media. It's crazy to me since here in the northeast, kids don't go back to school until September. 

This year my son will be heading to Kindergarten.  While I am happy that we have a few more weeks of summer left, I am starting to pick up that laundry list of school supplies and school clothes.

Here are several shops to check out to find unique and personalized school supplies for your kiddo. 

While some supplies on the list are very specific, like an exact type of scissors and a specific box of crayons, others can be more individualized. I think that the perfect place to find unique, individualized, and personalized items for your kids is Etsy.

Not only do you get to support small businesses, but you can find items that will be extra special for your child. You can find items to match your kids' favorite things that no one else will have.

Below are some of my favorite Etsy shops for getting back to school items. Definitely check them out to help you get your kids ready for back to school. 

Stamped Gold

If you need to get your kids pencils, check out Stamped Gold. Allison uses hot foil stamping to personalize pencils in a variety of shapes and colors. She even has the chubby pencils used by a lot of preschoolers. 

This is a great way to help your kids feel extra special on their first day of school. Plus, it may even help them keep better track of their pencils during the school year! 

Custom Vinyl By Design

This shop has a wide assortment of customized and personalized pencil cases. Whether you are looking for the soft case or the hard plastic box, they have cases for your kiddo. 

My favorite is the little yellow pencil one. It's too cute. But there are a ton of themes for boys and girls like sports, ballet, cheerleading, dinosaurs, and more. 

Strawberry Kisses Kids and Glitter Berry Boutique

This shop is perfect if you are looking for that one of a kind 1st day of school outfit. Natalie has a great selection of appliqué t-shirts and outfits perfect for the first day of kindergarten and preschool. 

You may just see Tyler sporting an "I Dig Kindergarten" T-shirt on his first day of school. If you have a little girl, you can top off her outfit with an adorable pencil hair bow from Glitter Berry Boutique. Or pick one of her many other bows to match your girl's first day of school outfit. 

book bags


If you are looking for personalized book bags or lunch boxes, check out this shop. They have a bunch of characters like Spiderman, Dory, Tinkerbell, and Thomas the Tank Engine. They have themes your kids will love plus it will help them keep track of their things.

While you are there, check out the Happy Potter Exclusives section. They have some awesome morphing Harry Potter Mugs. My favorite is the marauders map one. 

Pink Rainbow Designs

If you are packing lunch for your kiddo and would love to put little creative notes in their lunch but just don't have the time, check out this shop. You can find superhero notes, princess notes and everything in between. 

Each note has a positive message for your little one to brighten their day. My little guy is not the best reader yet, but he still loves seeing the notes and the characters. He especially loves the Star Wars themed notes. Best of all, you just download the file, print out and cut out the cards, and you can have them at the ready to slip into your kids' lunch box each morning. 

Bella Elisheva

If your child is nervous about the first day of school, then this shop has the perfect thing to help. They have matching bracelets for you and your little to wear each day. 

The bracelets come with a poem stating that the bracelets are a way for your child to carry you with them while they are in school. Its a great 1st day of school gift for those who haven't spent the day away from mom before. 

The Multitasking Mom

Of course I couldn't make this list without including my own shop! I have several printables available for back to school.  In the Household Management section I have a school info binder which is perfect for tracking info about the schools and activities of your kiddo. It allows you to have all the important names and numbers in one place for the school, teachers, and activities.

In the school section, I have a School Memory Binder for tracking all the highlights of your kids school years. I also have a printable student planner so your little student can keep track of homework and projects and grades and everything else. 

Finally, I have my printable binder covers section which allows you to personalize your plain white binders with the clear pockets. You just pick the theme you like, edit the label box, and then print it out. You can put whatever you want on the label like name, class, teacher. Just slide them into the bider pockets for a cute unique binder. Plus you can reprint them year after year!

I hope you check out these awesome shops while you shop for back to school. How else are you prepping for the coming school year? Let me know in the comments.