5 Things To Do When You Have 5 Minutes

Have you ever had 5 minutes between one thing and the next and wanted to be productive but couldn't think of what to do? Then when you finally think of what you could do that would be useful the 5 minutes are up?

A collection of productive things you can do when you have just a few minutes between activities or appointments.

We have all been there!

When we have a few minutes we either give up any hope of being productive and just jump on social media, or we spend the whole time thinking of what to do and then have no time left to actually do it. 

Well, I'm here to help you out. 

I've put together a list of useful tasks that can be done when you just have a few minutes.

quick productive tasks

1. Squats or planks

This is the perfect opportunity to squeeze some fitness into your day.  It's hard to find a 30 minute chunk each day to exercise. So, why not intersperse it throughout your day. There is no equipment required and it can even give you an energy boost for whatever you have to do next. BONUS!!

2. Clean Out Your Inbox

Do you leave emails in your inbox because you think the info may be valuable but your just don't have time to read it at the moment? Use you 5 minutes to read through a few emails and either trash them or place them in an appropriate folder. 

3. Break Down A Project

Whilst 5 minutes is generally not enough time to complete a project, you can definitely do some planning for one. When you have 5 minutes think of a project you want to complete for example: planning a party, making a scrapbook, preping for school. Then use the time to brainstorm and write down everything that you need to do to complete the project as individual tasks. Now when you are ready to start the project you will know exactly what you need to do.  

Quick Productive Tasks

4. Text a Friend You Haven't Talked to in a While

Unlike a call, a text is quick and your response doesn't have to be immediate. Send a quick text to someone you haven't talked to in a bit. It may incite a conversation. At the very least, it will let them know you are thinking of them. 

5. Meditate On An Inspirational Quote or Personal Affirmation

I am not a super woo woo person. I am not flowery or overly expressive. However, I have benefited from daily affirmations and thinking on inspirational quotes. I have found that the more time you spend thinking positive, inspirational thoughts about yourself, the more you believe them. So why not spend 5 minutes empowering yourself. 

All 5 of these are really great ways to spend a random 5 minutes of free time. They can benefit both you and others and bring you to whatever you have to do next with positivity and power. 

Which one do you you like the best and might try out? Let me know in the comments. 



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