Positive Mindset: Celebrate Small Victories 

For anyone who read Tuesday's post, you know we were having a crazy week over here. To update you all, my brother's surgery went well. He is able to walk on the foot and is scheduled to come home sometime today.  Fingers crossed that everything heals well and he doesn't get another infection like last time.

As far as T goes, he is back to peeing comfortably on the potty. No more middle of the night emergencies or holding it so long he pees his pants.  On top of that, he actually loves his medicine and asks for it throughout the day. Can't complain about that!!

As for me, I completed both tests and already got the grades back for one of them. I got a 91!!! Yesss!! The other grade will hopefully be coming shortly. Then I have to take one last test next week and the semester is over. Of course I registered for summer classes, but we can worry about that later.

And Hailey? She seems perfectly content to stay exactly where she is...

Why Celebrate Small Victories?

We had a lot of little victories this week. Since each one is tiny, they can be easily overlooked. But each one is important to the person who achieved it.  An essential aspect of self care for busy moms is to recognize and acknowledge the small victories. When we too quickly shift our mindset to the next challenge after a small victory, our life becomes a seemingly endless series of challenges. Who can maintain a positive mindset when that's what you have to look forward to?

Instead, take some time to celebrate your mini victories. You can always move on to the next challenge tomorrow. A small victory is a victory nonetheless.  Hopefully, when you move on to the next challenge tomorrow, you can do so with renewed energy because you took the time to celebrate today.

How to Celebrate

Here are some ways to celebrate your mini victories. Share your victory with your family. Let them be proud of you. You deserve a pat on the back from loved ones. Have a special dinner or special dessert. It doesn't have to be crazy but something you wouldn't normally do for yourself. Go get a manicure. Take an evening off from grad school/blog work/whatever other work you do in the evening and let yourself relax.

It doesn't have to be an elaborate production.  Small victories call for small celebrations, but definitely celebrate.  And make sure you tell people about your victory so you can have people cheer you on.  Nobody wants to have a me party (The Muppets Movie, anyone?)

Tonight we will be celebrating my bro's successful surgery, T's ability to pee pain free, and my completion of my 2 tests. For us this will mean takeout and dessert. We rarely have dessert with dinner, so this is a real treat. Maybe we will be so relaxed and happy Hailey will come! Fingers crossed!!

Have a wonderful weekend and celebrate yourself!!



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