The Biggest Productivity Hack That No One Talks About

Have you ever put on an outfit and then felt like you could take on the world? You know, the outfit that brings out your eyes or shows off your best assets. The outfit that causes you to walk a little straighter and lift your head a little higher.

We’ve all had an outfit like that at some point in our lives. These outfits help us to feel more confident; like we can accomplish anything.

Too often though, outfits that make us feel good are saved for special occasions. In reality though, we should wear things that make us feel good every day.

Now of course I’m not saying we should start wearing evening gowns to the grocery store, but I do think we should start re-assessing how we put ourselves together in the morning.

It’s a fact that when we feel good about how we look, we become energized. And when we are energized we become motivated to do more and be more productive. The biggest productivity hack that no one talks about is dressing to make you feel good.

One simple thing that you may never think of but can make you more productive.


As far as our clothes goes, in order to become more productive and energized, we should go through our wardrobes and toss out any clothes that make us feel frumpy or don’t fit right. These clothes have no place in our lives or our closets.

We should only hold onto the clothes that make us look and feel good. Don’t worry though, you can keep your leggings, I know I’m keeping mine. But I wear them in a way that makes me feel good.

I pair my leggings with a cute top and boots and scarf, not just a ratty old t-shirt. If we dress lazily, it makes us feel lazy. That’s fine every once in a while, but if you want to feel motivated to get things done, then we need to dress like we are put together.

The good thing about this is that put together doesn’t mean dressed up. You can wear workout clothes and a baseball cap and still be put together. As long as the clothes make you look good and feel good then it will do the job to make you feel more energized and productive.

One simple thing that you may never think of but can make you more productive.

Feeling Feminine

Another way to feel more energized to take on the day is doing things in the morning that make you feel like a woman.

Dana Malstaff from Boss Mom feels feminine when she shaves her legs, so she shaves daily. It’s something that makes her feel like a woman to have smooth, sexy legs.

Chalene Johnson puts on her lashes daily whether or not she’s going out. Lashes make her feel put together and ready to take on her day.

What can you do that makes you feel like a woman? Is it wearing a beautiful pair pf pumps? Throwing on some mascara and lip gloss? Or having the perfectly styled bangs?

If you don’t already know off the top of your head what makes you feel like a woman, take some time to figure it out.

Regardless of what anyone else thinks, when we feel good about how we look, we are more productive. When you dress lazy, you act lazy. So put a little effort into your look each day. It can still be comfortable as long as it makes you feel powerful and energized.

What thing that you do makes you feel like a woman? Let me know in the comments.