Why You Need to Make Time for Organization

If you actually wrote everything you have to do down, how long would your to do list be? You probably have enough tasks to take you days, if not weeks on end to complete.  

With all that to do, who has time to sit down and organize their spaces and their time?

The answer is: you do!

Taking the time to organize your time and your space can actually save you time in the long run. 

Taking the time to organize your time and your space can actually save you time in the long run.  

Think about a task that has been sitting on your to do list for days. You know, one of the ones you keep putting off because it will just take so much time and effort.

Maybe it's filling out the registration forms for summer camp. That one seemingly simple task can become super overwhelming. You need to research various camps, determine which one best fits your child, find your child's medical and insurance information, and then actually fill out the forms. 

If you organize your time and space, you can get this done little by little over time and with a lot less effort. 

You can break down this task into smaller tasks.  Take 5-10 minutes each day to research 1 camp.  By the end of the week you can pretty well know the options out there for your child. On the weekend spend a little time to select the camp that best suits your child your vacation schedule, and your budget. 

Take a minute or 2 to review the registration form and determine what you will need in order to fill it out. You might need your phone contacts, your insurance card, and/or medical information for your child.  If you have your papers organized, then finding your child's medical and insurance information should take a few minutes not a few hours. Once you pull that out and any other information that you need, actually filling out the form will become super simple. 

Now this example may not apply to you. In fact, it doesn't apply to me yet either.  With the impending move coming, we are planning to spend the summer really getting to know our new neighborhood and neighbors. Especially since I will be on maternity leave in July. So, none of the kids will be going to camp.  

But, the concepts behind getting this task done efficiently can apply to a million other things. Having organized spaces means you can easily find what you are looking for. That means finding that one tax document should be easy. I have a ton of posts on organizing your spaces. Just click the search button in the top menu and search organization to find a post that applies to you. 

If you want to tackle your paper clutter (especially important at tax time!) you can check out my free paper clutter challenge by clicking the image below. This will help you organize all the papers in your house in just 5 days!!

Organizing your time will allow you to actually use your time to get things done instead of using your time to try to figure out what to do and then ending up not having enough time to actually do it. Setting aside some time at the beginning of the week to plan out your time and making a list of the quick things that you can do when you have a few minutes means you won't waste time during the week and you'll get a ton more done. 

You can search time management in the menu bar to find a ton of posts on time management as well. 

What's your biggest issue, organizing your time or your space?  Let me know in the comments.