How to Declutter After the Holidays

It is definitely winter!! For most of us that means a lot more time spent indoors.  Plus, after the rush of the holidays, are homes are likely a mess. 

We cleared out the spaces that everyone sees like the living room and dining room and stuffed everything in the bedrooms, basement, and pretty much anywhere we could find space.  

Now that the holidays are over, we are stuck in our homes, and we have a lot less to do.  It is the perfect time to declutter our homes. 

Now that the holidays are over, we are stuck in our homes, and we have a lot less to do.  It is the perfect time to declutter our spaces.  This does not have to be a major undertaking whee you give up entire weekends.  Doing just a little bit a day can do a lot to resolve the chaotic state our homes are currently in.

Pick an area

The first step is to pick the first area that you want to declutter. This doesn't have to be a whole room. You can pick your dresser or your closet or even one drawer of your dresser. A lot of small areas decluttered can add up to a big area!  Pick a space you know you can clear in 15 minutes. 

If you wait until you have a big chunk of time to do the whole room, it may never get done.  By chopping each room up into manageable chunks you can get the whole room done in a week or 2 and not be overwhelmed. 

Toss it

Once you have selected your area, throw out any garbage or damaged items in this area. This can be food wrappers, clothes that are damaged, magazines you never intend to read, the toy with the head you've been meaning to glue back on but you never get around to it, etc... Anything unusable should get tossed. 

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Sell or Donate

The items that you no longer have a use for but are still in good condition should be donated or sold.  This can be materials for a project you never completed, clothes that don't fit or you never wore, or toys your kids have outgrown. You can sell it in a garage sale, in a Facebook, or on Ebay.

Note that selling items can take time and effort.  You have to post listings correspond with possible buyers and arrange delivery.  This can be overwhelming and you may not have the time to do it.  It many cases, it may be better to just take it to goodwill. You might lose a few dollars on it, but the relief of taking back your space is worth it!

Relocate Items

Take anything that belongs in another room and put it in that room. Don't organize that other room though.  Keep your eyes on the prize.  You can get to that room another day. Right now you have a job to finish.  After this, all that you should have left in your selected area are the items that actually belong in that space. 

Make a List

Finally, it's time to make a list of any organizers you might need or any items you need to replace.  If you tossed all your holey socks, you might need to pick up new ones. You may find you need a new drawer organizer for the kitchen utensils. Make a list to pick up these items on your next trip to the store. 

While decluttering is a great and can greatly decrease the amount of stuff in your home, it won't actually help your home function any better.  The way to really make your house work for you is through organization.  This is the natural next step after decluttering.  

Ready to take the next step and actually organize the spaces you decluttered?  Check out this post on organizing after the holidays!

Which space in your home is in dire need of decluttering? Let me know in the comments.