Bedroom Quickies: Create Your Haven in Just a Few Minutes a Day

Every once in a while, I sit and dream about what it would be like to have one of those big, spacious, clean bedrooms like in the HGTV Dream Home.  In reality, my bedroom is a lot smaller, not as nicely furnished, and can get cluttered from time to time.  While I can't increase the size of your room, the following list will get you a lot closer to the feel of your dream bedroom by completing small manageable tasks.  

6 tips for clearing out your bedroom in just a few minutes a day so that you can have the beautiful space you've always dreamed of.

1. Make Your Bed

I've said it before and I'll say it again, making your bed does wonders for the look and feel of your bedroom.  You don't need the fanciest sheets or a ton of pillows to make your bed look welcoming.  Although if that's your bag, more power to you.  The important part is that the bed is made. Just that one act alone can do wonders for your mindset when you enter the room.

2. Get Rid of the Garbage

We all do it.  We sneak a snack into the bedroom or a glass of wine to unwind after the kids go to bed.  We hurriedly rip tags off a new shirt in the morning rush to get out the door. We empty our pockets or our purse and leave the garbage on the dresser.  These little things add up to a messy room.

Go through your bedroom and get rid of the garbage, put the dishes in the kitchen, and do a quick dusting of the surfaces.  Pick up the clothes that are lying around and put them in the hamper or put them away.

In the future, when you sneak your evening snacks into the bedroom, make it a point to bring the dishes to the kitchen in the morning.  You are going there anyway for your coffee fix, so you might as well do it all in one trip. This saves you time and keeps your bedroom clean.

3. Organize Your Nightstand

I don't know about you, but my nightstand is the most quickly cluttered space in my bedroom.  Everything that comes into my room seems to land there.  Seeing how it is such a small surface, you can quickly clear this space in 5 minutes or less.  Even quicker if you already got rid of the dishes and garbage.

Try to limit what stays on your night stand.  I like to have a few books, my kindle, tissues, a chapstick (I always wake up wanting a chapstick...), a pen/pencil and paper for those middle of the night brilliant ideas, and a candle or 2. Just like in blogging, white space is good.  It helps clear your mind. Here's a before and after of my nightstand.

4. One Drawer at a Time

Tackling an entire dresser full of clothes can take some time.  If you have that time, go for it! If not, an easy way to break down the task is to just go drawer by drawer.  Pick one drawer to go through: take out everything, pull out what you never wear to toss/donate, fold what you do wear, and put the keepers back in the drawer.

If you have a sock that has been missing his mate for months, toss it, its friend may never be found.  Toss items that are torn or stained.  Too often we see these items when were looking for things to wear but we never actually pull them out to toss.  This is taking up space that our other fabulous clothes could be filling.  If its in good condition, but you just never wear it, donate it or give it to someone who will give it some love.

5. Remove Closet Items as You Go

Unlike dressers, closets can be a harder beast to break down.  If you have multiple rods, you can break it down by section.  If not, make it a point to weed things out as you go.  When you are dressing, if you pull out a top that just doesn't fit right, or you don't feel good wearing it, don't put it back.  It's just wasting space in your closet and wasting your time when you pull it out again months later and re-realize that it just doesn't work.

When you pull out something that you know you won't wear or you just don't love, put it in a bin/bag/box to donate.  Do it immediately and don't look back.  Only keep things that you love and they love you back.  Your closet will thank you for it!

6. Declutter Your Dresser

Similar to the nightstand, but a bigger surface.  Go through the items on your dresser and determine what you don't use, has expired, and has a different home. Put these things where they belong, i.e. donation bin, trash, and their home.  Use containers to organize whats left.

Try to minimize what you put on the surface.  We tend to think that surfaces are made for filling, but this can get overwhelming. Plus, it's a lot more work to dust.  Leave out what you really need or really love and find new homes for the rest.

By following these steps, you can easily create a clear, relaxing bedroom space with just a little effort each day.  With the kids dominating the rest of the house you need your own space to relax and unwind.  You are so worth the effort! So lets clear the clutter and make your bedroom the place of your dreams!



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