The Behind The Scenes Stories Of Two Amazing Goal Getting Mamas

There’s no doubt about it, setting and achieving goals is part of what makes life worth living. It is how we grow and help others and change the world. 

But, when we don’t have examples of mamas killing it, being great mamas and still achieving great things, it’s hard to see it as a possibility. That’s why in addition to providing advice on how to set up your life and your days so that you can go after your goals, I also want to provide you with examples of other moms that are actually doing it. 

These are moms who are doing incredible things like getting degrees and starting businesses, while still being involved and attentive moms. 

So in between our other tactical posts, I will be including interviews I’ve done with other goal getting mamas to help be an example and inspiration when we don’t feel like the work is worth it or we’re not getting anywhere.  

Find out how two amazing single moms are killing it in business and as moms.

In today’s post I will be sharing the stories of two amazing single mamas who have been able to support their families while still being home for their kiddos. Introducing Rebecca and Taylor!

Tell us a little about yourself and your family

Rebecca: I'm a homeschooling single mom of two kids, two dogs, and one sassy cat. I've been running a freelance writing business full-time from home since 2014. 

Taylor: My name is Taylor DeJesus. I am 22 years old and the single mother of my 2 year old daughter, Lilly. She is dealing with some development delays, which makes some days hard, but we have managed to build a bond that I don't think she will ever have with anyone else (at least, not for a long time).

What is one major goal you were able to achieve, personal or professional, as a mom?

Rebecca: Building my freelance writing side hustle into a multiple six figure business. 

Taylor: Soon after I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I began my career as a freelance writer. To get ready for my maternity leave, I began outsourcing my writing work to other writers. I ended up expanding my "agency" to BlueDove Writing, which is now my own writing and marketing business. It has always been a goal of mine to start a business, so being able to do so at 22 years old and as a mother has been a huge accomplishment for me. 

What was the why behind your goal?

Rebecca: When I became a single parent, my biggest fear was being a broke single mom. So I built my business to create financial security for myself and my children. 

Taylor: I've been an entrepreneur practically since I was born. I remember spending summer days organizing my siblings, cousins, and neighborhood friends into "businesses" that obviously never made it. I also loved writing and can remember multiple times when I would sit down at the family computer to start a book that also never made it. Combining my passion for writing and business to create a company that has the potential to give me and my daughter financial freedom has been the reason why the struggle is all worth it. 

What kind of planning and time management tactics did you use to allow you to achieve your goal?

Rebecca: The two biggest things were setting clear goals and having a daily routine. By creating a routine for work time, school time and "kid" time, I was able to balance being a mom and taking care of two young kids who needed me with growing my business. Having specific, actionable goals was also huge--I don't think I would be where I am if I hadn't set goals, then aimed a little higher each time when I achieved one of my goals. 

Taylor: I am a huge proponent of writing things down. I know a lot of people use their phones or calendar apps to keep track of everything, but I use a good old-fashioned pen and paper planner. I use one that has a page for every day, and I color code everything (red for work, pink for Lilly, blue for chores, etc.). Actually crossing things off my list makes me feel so good about the things I'm getting done. I also recently started running an accountability group for mompreneurs. There are 3 of us that meet every other week to set personal and business goals. Having other people that I can relate to and who are keeping me accountable for my tasks has been a huge help in making sure I'm actually doing what I say I'm going to do. 

Did you get help from others, family members or friends?

Rebecca: No. My mother and best friend coached me on a little but otherwise, no. 

Taylor: I actually have a pretty limited support system, so I've done a lot of the work myself. There's been a few times where a family member has played with Lilly for a bit or helped me catch up on laundry, but I manage most of my responsibilities as sort of a one-woman show. I definitely don't recommend it though. If you have a support system, take advantage of it, because it can get pretty lonely doing it on your own. I've slowly started networking to at least find some ladies I can vent to or that I know are going through the same thing, which makes me feel much better about my situation. 

Is there anything else that you found essential to achieving your goal?

Rebecca: Using a mantra and visualizing were very helpful to me. I created a mantra that reflected my goal and repeating that to myself several times a day helped me develop the mindset that my goal was achievable. 

Taylor: I've slowly been learning that I need to take some time off. For a while, I wasn't making any time for myself. Now, I make sure that I take at least one night a week to just relax and do something that I enjoy and that isn't related to work or school or anything "responsible." It helps me reset and wind down, instead of constantly stressing out about every little thing. 

Tell us a little about your blog and where we can find you. 

Rebecca: My blog is all about making money online and managing it, and being productive while you do it all. You can find me at

Taylor: My blog is all about marketing, including content marketing, copywriting, social media, freelancing, and other topics. You can check it out at

Find out how two amazing single moms are killing it in business and as moms.

I just want to thank these moms so much for taking the time to share their story with us. Clearly they are both super busy doing big things so I appreciate them giving us such an inspiring example of both momming and achieving goals.  Definitely go check out the amazing content on their blogs! 

Let me know in the comments below if you like these kind of inspiring posts so I know to keep them coming.  I have several more interviews that I would love to share with you all.