Organize Your Holiday (Free Guide)

Thanksgiving is in a few days and then we launch headlong into the mad rush of December.  There's so much to do this month between holiday get togethers, Christmas shopping, decorating, baking, card sending, etc.. It really can be a daunting time of year. To help you (and me) out, I put together a little planning guide to take from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

The Plan

The first few pages of the guide contain an outline of what should be completed each week leading up to Christmas.  In week 1 you send out Christmas cards, decorate, plan your secret Santa, set up your advent calendar, and write up your gift list. Each week contains the next set of tasks to prepare for the big day.  This helps you spread out your tasks over the course of the month so you don't feel rushed.  It also helps you remember what needs to get done.  If something doesn't apply to you, just cross it off your list. You are that much closer to a stress free December.

The next two pages are a calendar of the month of December.  Here is where you can write out everything you need to do.  You can add in holiday parties, shopping trips, your visit with Santa, and any other activities you have.  You can also plan shopping trips or set a deadline for your online shopping so you know things will arrive on time. These pages should serve as your month at a glance.


Here is where we really break things down. In the remaining pages, you will find individual worksheets to organize your holiday to dos.  First up is a sheet for all of your holiday events.  You can enter when, where and any cost that may be associated.  Here's where you list the office party, your friend's ugly Christmas sweater party, your visit with Santa, your trip to see the ice sculptures, the Christmas pageant, and anything thing else you plan on attending.

Next up, your holiday party. Here we start planning your holiday party.  The first sheet is the party overview.  We have date, time, location, guest list, menu, decor, activities, and your to dos. Then we breakdown the menu, like really break it down. First the actual meal.  I have spots for all the courses you might be serving and places to include who is bringing what or what recipes you will be using.  Then we have a grocery list so you can write out what you will need to buy to make your fabulous meal.

Baking has its own page, because well it deserves it.  The baking list includes all types of pastries candies, and desserts you might want.  Again, I provided a shopping list worksheet for your baking materials.


Now it's time for gift giving.  First up is cards. With the cards worksheet you are able to list everyone's names and addresses, and check off whether the cards have been sent.  Save this list and use it year after year!

The gift giving page is based on the sheet I use each year which I discussed in an earlier post.   There are spots to list the person's name, the gift, and whether it has been bought, wrapped or given.

The last page is where you can break down your holiday budget.  It breaks down costs by category and allows you to track how well you stuck to your budget.  Definitely use the notes section so you can make adjustments next year. 

To get your free copy of the guide, just fill out the form below! If you want even more guidance while you plan for the holidays, you can purchase my full 60 page guide in the shop!

Have a great Thanksgiving and I will see you Friday!!



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