How To Prepare for Your Kids’ Christmas Gifts

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday. If you are shopping in stores today, best of luck. If you are shopping online, then I’m right there with you, in spirit, on the couch, with my mug of hot chocolate and my laptop on my lap.

After the shopping is done, some of us (many of us) come to the realization that we have no idea where all of this stuff is going to go. Our kid’s rooms seem to be constantly overflowing with toys and books and games. And in about a month, they are going to be flooded with more stuff from friends and family.  

Are you ready for the flood of toys and books and games that your kids will receive this Christmas?  Here's how you can prepare!

What to do? 

First, if people start asking what your kids want for Christmas, suggest experiences. Maybe they can take the kids to a play place or museum or a show. Maybe they can pay for a kids cooking class or a craft workshop. They can plan a trip to the zoo or botanical garden. These are cool experiences that your kids would love and won’t fill up your house.

If the person is concerned about the kids not having a gift to unwrap on Christmas, they can print out a picture of what they are going to do or see and put it in a card. It will give the kids something to open and still not fill your house.

Christmas Toy Prep

On the other hand, some people may not be open to this idea. Or, some people may have already started purchasing gifts. Or you may have purchased something that you know will take up some space.

For example, we bought my daughter her first kitchen for Christmas. We like to encourage imaginative play and she is always take cups and spoons and pretending to feed people. Even though this kitchen folds up, it’s still going to take some space.  

This weekend is a great time to prepare for that. In the spirit of giving, together with your kids, you can go through there toys and books and determine what doesn’t get played with or read. Collect all these items and donate them. 

Christmas Toy Prep

I am a big fan of having the kids be a part of the process instead of waking up one day and wondering where that toy went. You can talk about kids who won’t get toys for Christmas and that these toys can make another child happy. 

This is definitely one of those win-wins! You clear some space, and your kids get to experience giving of their own stuff. This is totally different than donating cans of food or other store bought items. This is them actually giving something that is theirs.  

What an awesome way to kick off the Christmas season! Hope your Thanksgiving went well!! 



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