Quick and Fun Playground Stroller Workout

The weather is warming up here in the Northeast and it's the perfect weather to get outside. Warm, but not too hot, park weather. Being at the park is the perfect time to get your workout in. This may not be for the super self-conscious, but its a great way to workout, spend some time outside, and let the kids run around. If you feel too awkward, maybe go to a less populated park or at a less active time. Either way, here's how to get your fitness and vitamin D all at the same time! 

A quick and fun Playground stroller workout perfect for Spring playtime with the kids. 

Note that this workout works whether or not the child is in the stroller.  Therefore, you can do it on your walk to the park, while at the park pushing your little one, or while your child is playing. 

Playground Workout Routine

Light Jog: Do a quick jog for 1 minute pushing the stroller to warm up. This can be lap back and forth, during your walk to the park, or laps around the playground equipment. 

Walking Lunges: As you push the stroller, perform alternating deep lunges with each step. Do a total of 20 lunges which equals 10 per side. 

Squats: Holding the stroller handle perform 12 deep squats

Tricep Dips: Either holding the seat of the stroller with the wheels locked or using a park bench, perform 12 tricep dips. Legs should be in front of you with knees bent at a 90 degree angle.  

Stroller Pushup: Put feet on stroller foot rest and hands on the ground in a pushup position. You may want to have a towel to place on the floor so you don't hurt your hands. Perform 12 pushups in this position. 

Abs: With feet still on the stroller, keep hands in place directly below the shoulders.  Bring feet in so your knees move towards your chest and then push feet back to pushup position.  Repeat for a total of 10 reps. 

Kick Backs: Walk across the park and with each step, kick the other leg back straight behind you. alternate legs for a total of 20 reps. 

Calf Raises: Holding the handle of the stroller, perform 12 calf raises.  In other words rise up onto your toes 12 times. 

Playground stroller workout

Repeat the entire workout for a total 2-3 sets. 

Stroller workouts are usually heavy on the lower body exercises, so I tried to include more upper body exercises with the ab curls, pushups and tricep dips. Other non leg exercises you can do are standing side crunches or a plank in front of the stroller where you alternate arms to reach for the baby.  I wanted to keep this workout on the shorter side, but feel free to add these in or use them to replace one of the other exercises.  

This is the perfect time of year to bring your workout outside and get some sunshine while you exercise. Plus the kiddos appreciate the outside time as well.  Go get fit and have fun!



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