Father's Day Gift Guide for the Stay at Home Dad

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Nowadays there are more and more dads who are staying home with the kids. Women are making more (Yay) or sometimes it just makes sense for the family.  My husband works evenings and weekends and then spends his days with the kids. My kids love having their dad around and my husband loves being there with the kids. 

Father's Day Gift Guide for Stay at Home Dads The perfect Father's Day gifts for the stay at home dad or any dad who loves one on one time with the kids.

On the other hand, many child products, especially baby products are geared for having the mom around. Therefore, I wanted to put together this gift guide for all the stay at home dads as well as the dads who like to look manly when they are out with the kids. 


Men's Diaper Backpack Bag & Changing Pad Combo By Active Doodie

This diaper backpack is perfect for dads taking care of the kiddos. It's a sturdy black backpack with plenty of space for everything that your baby might need. It also comes with a camouflage changing mat. I also just love the name of the brand, Active Doodie. Get it? Ha! Anyway, its the perfect backpack for a day on the go with his kids in tow. 


Wallet Ninja 18-in-1 Multi-purpose Credit Card Size Pocket Tool (Camo) 

How cool is this little tool? The Wallet Ninja is perfect for any man who likes to MacGuyver through any situation. It's a cellphone stand, box opener, screw driver, ruler and so much more. All of that and it fits right in your wallet so you always have it with you. To be honest, I'd actually like one for myself! Probably not in camo though. 


Princess Protection Agency Shirt for Fathers and Daughters

This one goes out to all the girl dads. After having a son and now having a daughter I have seen first hand how little girls can melt their daddies. My girl is definitely daddy's little princess. She is also a blonde haired, blue-eyed, doll face.  So already daddy is on protection duty.  How perfect then is this Princess Protection Agency Shirt?! If you have a daughter and your hubs likes graphic tees, then this should be on the list!


Play Cars on Daddy's Back - Gift for Dad and Kids Funny Car Play Mat T-Shirt

So as not to leave out the father of boys, check out this totally fun car play mat tshirt. All dad has to do is lay on the floor to provide hours of entertainment for your kids. Between the kids all day and work in the evenings, things can get tiring for my hubs.  With this shirt, he can nap and still entertain the kiddos!


Funny Cute Fathers Day Gift Shirt for dad from daughter son

If your hubs enjoys a little tongue in cheek humor, then he might like this Mr. Mom Shirt. Stay at Home dads are the ones doing drop offs and doctor's appointments and sometimes even tidying up. Let them own the role with this shirt. 


KOVOT Dad BBQ Grill Set with Carry Case - 4 Piece Grill Set Includes Spatula, Tongs, Digital Thermometer and Carry Case

When dad is on his own with the kids, they still need to get fed. In our house, if dad is cooking it usually means grilling. Make sure dad has the supplies he needs with this awesome Dad Spatula Case Set. I love that is comes with the case and the meat thermometer along with the spatula and tongs. 

Other things dad might want include movie ticket vouchers (my husband loves Alamo Drafthouse for movies), a new watch, concert tickets, or a new book.

Have you though of a gift that would be perfect for the stay at home dad? Share it in the comments.  



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