Personalized Holiday Cards and Invitations 

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So the time to send out holiday cards is quickly approaching. Then of course there are holiday party invitations to send out. On top of that, we have Hailey's baptism in a few weeks. So we have been all  about cards recently. I decided to head on over to Tiny Prints to create personalized cards for Hailey's baptism and for Christmas.

Hailey's Baptism Invitation

For Hailey's baptism, we wanted to send out a quick little invite with all the church info to our friends and family. I went to Tiny Prints and found a whole range of layouts for the card. Just hover over "Invitations" in the top menu and you can find designs for all range of occasions.  Since Hails is the first baby girl on both sides of the family, we are all about pink themed everything.  Well at least I am, lol. So, I went through the options and found the perfect pink invitation.  Some things that I loved about this process include:

  • While searching through the designs, you could sort the cards based on popularity, price, reviews and newness.
  • You could also filter the results based on how many pictures you want to include, color, theme, size, paper and more.  They make it really easy to find exactly what you are looking for with out having to sort through their huge variety of designs.
  • They know what you need to add to your invitation.  No forgetting to add the RSVP or the fact that the reception is at another location.  If an item doesn't pertain to your event, just leave it blank!
  • You can have a designer review your card for free! If you want your card to be just perfect, have a designer review it for you before you send it to be printed!
  • You can have guests RSVP online for free.  This is such an easy way to keep track of your guest list instead of trying to keep a list with you at all times when people call or text their RSVP.
  • If you really want to go all out, you can even have personalized postage printed out.  We didn't choose that option, but maybe for a wedding this would be a nice touch.
  • You can have the envelopes pre-addressed. A great hack for this is if you always invite the same people to events, create an excel file with all their info so its easier to transfer the information over!

For Hails, we picked the Beaded Blessing: Princess design.  I wanted to use a nice big single picture for the invite and this design matched perfectly with the pink and grey outfit she had on in the picture.  Check it out!

Christmas Card

For our Christmas card, we picked the Vivid Lettering: Apricot design. I am not a fan of the super dramatic and elegant designs. We rarely have pictures that would be appropriate for that kind of card. Instead we went for a more fun design. Instead of taking card specific photos, I decided to highlight the big moments of this year; Hailey's birth, Tyler's first day of school, and our Halloween costume. I think it turned out really cute!

Right now, Tiny Prints is having a sale on Holiday cards until the 17th. Follow this link and use the code HOLIDAYGIFT to get 10 free cards plus 30% off your order. How could you go wrong?!

Show me your holiday cards on Facebook!! I can't wait to see them!