Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craft

In case you haven't noticed by now, my son loves to make crafts involving paper plates. In fact, if he sees me grab a paper plate, he is more likely to think it is craft time than food time.  Therefore, this Christmas' craft project of course involves a paper plate. This project was a lot of fun and includes two of my toddler's favorite things: painting and using stickers. Check it out!

What To Do:

1. Paint your entire paper plate green. Let dry. This is a great job for your child.

2. While your child is doing this, you can form a small star with a yellow pipe cleaner. Make sure to hook the end around the excess to hold it together. Trim the excess leaving about a 1 inch tail.

3. Once the paint is dried (or sooner if you don't mind getting green on your hands and your child is impatient) curve your plate into a cone shape. You can use a stapler to hold it in place. Staple twice along the seam, once towards the bottom and once in the middle.  You can choose how fat or skinny you want your tree.

4. At the top of the cone should be a crease. Insert the tail end of your pipe cleaner star into the top of the cone. If you want, you can use glue at this point to secure the star.

5. Now its time to decorate! Use your stickers to decorate your Christmas tree. There is no wrong way to do it!

6. Lastly, curl a pipe cleaner into a spiral and wrap it around the tree as a garland. You can secure it by sticking the end into the crease of the tree. Again, you can use glue at this point to secure the pipe cleaner.  And voila!!

We had a lot of fun creating this project. Young kids love decorating the Christmas tree, but once it's up, it's up. This gives them a chance to decorate a tree all over again!! On top of that, they get to use stickers. How can you lose?!

Definitely try this project out and share your results on my Facebook page!

Have a great weekend!