Ode to Pregnancy

I am now a little over 15 weeks along in my pregnancy.  Happily, I am past the first trimester exhaustion and definitely feeling the boost of energy! As with my last pregnancy, we have been taking weekly belly bump pictures which is a lot of fun.  For the past few weeks, T has decided to join in! He proudly lifts his shirt to show his belly in our weekly pics.

I have come to realize that T now believes this to be a completely appropriate picture  pose for social occasions.  This past weekend, T and I attended a baby show for one of my good friends from grammar school.  He showed his belly for numerous photos at this occasion.  He even lifted his shirt in a photo bomb of someone else's picture.  Luckily, he is 2.5 and this is utterly adorable!!

This weekend he was also asked where the baby is at my husband's cast party.  He proceeded to turn around and try to lift my shirt.  Also cute, but luckily I was too quick for him. I have since informed him that pointing to my belly will sill get the point across...

In other pregnancy news, we are about 4 weeks away from finding out the gender of baby #2.  Our plan is to do a gender reveal photo shoot where we have a big box covered in question marks and when T opens the box, either pink or blue balloons will float out.  I think this is a fun way to keep him involved! My sister in law who does great photography will be doing the shoot.  Yous can check out her work at http://www.katiejoyphotographyny.com/

This pregnancy has also inspired me to write a few short poems on the joys of pregnancy which I thought I'd share with you!!



Everyone is Pregnant

A week ago I was unaware

That anyone was growing down there

Whenever I passed someone by They seemed a normal girl or guy

Now every person that I see

Seems to be pregnant, just like me

Were all these pregos hiding before?

Or was it something I ignored?

Now everywhere I seem to be

Pregnant people surround me

My Favorite Room of the House

The living room has always been

My favorite room to sit in

But now that I'm growing #2

My favorite room is something new

It's small, it's tiled and contains a loo

That's right, in recent times it seems

I spend more time in this room that gleams

When I tell T, "I'll be right back"

He doesn't cry or try to attack

He knows exactly where I'm going

At 2 point 5 he is all knowing

So for the next few months you know where I'll be

In the bathroom going pee pee

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