Getting Through the Busiest Time of Year

It's that time of year again! The busiest time of year. For me that means finals for my 2 grad classes next week. The week after is hell week for the Christmas show that T, the hubs and I are in. Plus Christmas decorating and shopping, getting T's picture with Santa, ordering and sending out Christmas cards, and just enjoying the holiday season.

How can we get it all done? Organize and prioritize! I have an overall list of things that I would like to get done by Christmas.  Then each night I create a separate 3 item list of things I need to get done today. For example, for me today, there are 3 tasks I must get done.

  1. Study for my math exam tomorrow. (Yes, one of my grad classes has an exam this week and then another final next week...)
  2. Publish a blog post. I try to post 2 a week and I haven't posted since Friday.
  3. Complete 2 reports for work.

This is the must do list for today. If I have extra time I can always refer back to my overall list and try to accomplish some of those tasks, but not until the must do list is completed.

For tomorrow, I will have a new must do list. This will include taking my exam, going to rehearsal for the Christmas show, and ordering Christmas cards.

With this method, little by little everything gets done. With only 3 things to do daily, you also don't get super overwhelmed. One option, if you know your deadlines for certain things, is to create all your daily 3 item to-do lists in advance leading up to Christmas or even New Years.  This will let you see exactly when everything will get done.  Then as you progress through the weeks, if you get extra things done, you can modify your lists or add items you never thought you would have time for. This is a great way to reduce stress during the busiest time of year.

Using this method, I have already gotten a lot done. I am happy to say that almost all of my holiday shopping is done. I have 2 presents left to get: the present for my hubs from the T monster and a present for my brother.  (My brother is honestly the worst to shop for...) Also the tree is up and all the thanksgiving decor is down and put away. We just have to sprinkle some holiday cheer around the rest of the house and the decorating is done! My job happens to be closed on Dec. 8 for the Immaculate Conception so I plan to take one of my finals in the a.m. and then take T to see Santa in the afternoon.  Hopefully, we can avoid long lines and make it a fun outing. If the photo doesn't work out on that day, my sister-in-law has Santa coming over to her house on Dec. 20, so we can always have another shot.

Hope you are all making the most of your holiday season and not getting too stressed out!!

Happy Holidays!!


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