How To Turn Your Passion Into Profit

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Last week we talked about how to find your passion and I revealed the real secret to finding your passion in life.  If you missed it, you can check that out here.

But now that we’ve found or are in the process of finding our passion, what do we do with it? Is it possible to make a profit from your passion? Can we turn it into full-time income or at least a side hustle?

The answer is YES!

You can take your hobby or passion and turn it into your career.

How do I monetize my passion?

Well this really depends on what your passion is. There are truly so many ways to monetize the things that you do.

If your passion involves making something like a craft or dessert, you can sell what you make via Etsy or a Shopify site or from a personal website. On the other hand you can teach people how to do what you love on sites like Skillshare, Udemy, Teachable, Thinkific, or Kajabi.

If you love helping other people in their business or personal life, you can be a coach. You can work in person, on the phone or over Skype. You can be a virtual assistant and help people with various aspects of their business like social media, customer service, handling their inbox and more.

If you love organization, you can help people organize their homes, or their computers or their photos. Or you can teach people how to get organized through online classes or workshops.

Love taking pictures? Become a photographer for babies or families or weddings. Or just take pictures around the house or outdoors and sell your images as stock photos. You can sell them on Etsy, your own website, or sell them on sites like Getty Images or Shutterstock.

Love acting? Teach people the tricks of the trade. Coach people for auditions. Creating your own acting camp for kids.

Are you really into health and wellness? Create a program showing people how you got healthy. Make meal plans complete with shopping lists and sell them. Sell a course on detoxifying your home or coach people on decreasing the stress in their life.

No matter what you love, there is definitely a way to monetize it.

Have a passion you can’t figure out how to monetize? Send me a quick note to and I would love to brainstorm ideas with you.

You can make a living doing what you love to do.

How do I turn my passion into a career?

Now actually having an idea on how to monetize your passion and then actually doing the marketing to get people to buy it are two different things. You can create as many products or courses or programs as you want, but unless people know about them, they won’t be making any money.

I want you to have a life where your passion pays the bills, where you get to do what you love and not have to worry about putting food on the table. In order to do that people need to know about what you offer.

The first step to start making this into a career is to start talking about what you want to do. You can’t keep it to yourself.

Now this can be scary because you might have fears that people will judge you or not think you are qualified to do what you want to do. I totally get it.  I am definitely an introvert and I also have a deep fear of looking foolish. But I also have a deep desire to do more of what I love and not just outside of business hours. So you and I, we just have to dive in.

Talk about what you are passionate about to the other moms that at dance class or at school drop off. Put it on social media. Tell your friends to tell their friends. Just get the word out. Tell your mom to spread the word. (Moms can be really good at that.)

Now making a hobby into a full fledged business may also require some additional skills you might not yet have. You probably need to learn about marketing or how to make the best Etsy listings or how to create a course. Or how to make great Pinterest pins, how to sell without feeling like a used car salesman. (No offense to used car salesmen.)

For stuff like this, I love using Skillshare. They have tons of courses on all of these topics and more. They can teach you how to develop the skills or interests you have, as well as the business skills to turn that hobby into a business.

There are teachers on there who have done what you want to do and can provide you with the knowledge and skills to create a business you love.  

I have taken several courses on there for both my blogging life and my personal life and I have yet to be disappointed.  

You can take your hobby or passion and turn it into your career.

My passion is to help other moms create a life they love.  I do that by providing tips and printables to help them get more organized so they can save time doing the day to day work of moming. Then once they have more time in their lives, my course helps moms set goals they will help them have the life they love and then set plans to achieve those goals.

You can find out about my course and products over in my shop. In addition, I also provide 1 on 1 coaching for moms who want some accountability and need someone to brainstorm with and bounce ideas off of.

Everyone deserves to have a life they love and doing what you are passionate about will help you get there.

Hit me up in the comments and let me know what you are passionate about!