The Perfect Easter Basket for Your Baby

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With Easter just a few weeks away, putting together an Easter basket for the kids is at the forefront of our minds.  For older kids, you can just walk down the aisle of your local pharmacy or discount store, swipe your arm along the shelf, and you have everything you need for your Easter basket.  Babies can be a bit harder since they can't eat the candies and many of the toys may not be appropriate for putting in their mouth.  The following are my picks for Easter baskets for babies. Best of all, everything is available on Amazon, so no leaving the house!!

Your guide for putting together Easter baskets for babies including what kind of basket to get and what to include that your baby will enjoy.

As opposed to the "My First Easter" baskets, I much prefer this one.  Its still plush for gifting to babies, but it's not 1st year specific.  That means you can use it again and again for future Easters. Save the "My First" items for clothes which they will grow out of anyway.  This basket is super cute and is personalized with your baby's name.  There is also a boy version available, of course.

Prextex Easter Eggs Educational Shaped Puzzle in a Basket (12 Pack) Clever Matching Eggs


These eggs are so cute and a fun educational toy for the kids.  While the basket is a bit flimsy and should probably just be considered part of the packaging, the eggs themselves are great for little hands.  Toddlers can get a kick out of them as well.  They can practice their sorting and matching skills both based on shape and color.

Soft Terry Cloth Spring Animals: Bunny and Duck (2pk)


These two little guys are so adorable and perfect for little ones.  I love that they are terry cloth, so when my daughter puts them in her mouth, she won't end up eating fur and fuzz. They are 7" tall, so they are the perfect size to bring with you to church and Easter dinner to entertain your baby.

Tomy Hide & Squeak Eggs


This is another super cute set of eggs that are also educational.  The set comes with 6 eggs that each contains a colorful little chick.  The base of each egg is shaped so that they only fit in their correct spot in the egg box.  When you push down on the chicks heads, they cheep. This is another one that your toddler may want to "share".

That's Not My Bunny


This book is one of many Easter books for babies.  It is a super cute story and the pictures are so fun!  We picked it because of the things to touch on every page. Plus, the fun of trying to find the mouse on every page.  With so many books to choose from, pick a book that you and your baby will enjoy.  But, mostly you, since you're the one reading it and better able to express opinions.  The point is you can't go wrong including a book in your baby's Easter basket.

And there you have it, my picks for Easter baskets for babies.  Remember you don't need a ton of stuff to fill your baby's Easter basket. Try to choose things that they will enjoy and can continue to use after Easter is over. It doesn't take much to entertain a baby and actually the fewer items, the easier it is for them to focus.

What are you putting in your baby's Easter basket? Let me know in the comments!



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