St Patrick's Day

Leprechaun Hat Toddler Craft

Leprechaun Hat Toddler Craft

A week from today is St Patrick's Day so we were due for a new craft project! This week we created a Leprechaun Hat using popsicle sticks. We had a ton of fun plus Tyler informed me that the hat buckle looks like Gaston's shoes from Beauty and the Beast. So there's that. Check out how we created our craft!

St Patrick's Day Craft Project

This weekend T and I spent a lot of time together. He was sick Friday night so we spent the whole weekend home.  It was a great opportunity to sit down and create our St Patrick's Day craft project.  This was a quick and easy project that allowed T to paint, so he really enjoyed it.  We hope you do too.


Construction Paper



White Paper Plate

Orange Paint


  1. The first step is to paint the border of your plate orange.  This will serve as the hair and beard of your leprechaun.  T was pretty good about staying within the border.  If your kid is not so neat, no worries! You can always cut out a white piece of construction paper in a circle and paste it into the center of your plate for the face.

2. While your paint dries, you can let your toddler create a new painting.  At least, that's what T did.  In the mean time, I cut out a hat shape from green construction paper, a band for the hat out of black paper, and a buckle out of yellow paper. For the buckle, I cut out a square, bent it in half, and then cut out a smaller square from the center.

3. Once the paint has dried and the hat pieces are cut, it's time to start gluing.  Tyler loves to help squeeze out the glue and put the pieces in place!

4. The final step is to draw a face onto your leprechaun.  We used a black crayon for this.  If you want to add more to this project, you can also make arms and legs for your leprechaun. You can cut 4 strips of green construction paper long ways and fold them accordion style.  Glue them around the plate for the arms and legs.  You can cut out hands from white paper and shoes from black paper and attach them as well.

Here is our final project!

We hope you try this project yourselves.  It's fun and easy and doesn't require many supplies!

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