Christmas Tree Craft

This year for Christmas, we made a craft that was fun, Christmasy, and made use of shapes! It was our construction paper Christmas tree craft. It was easy and entertaining, while at the same time reinforced T's knowledge of colors and shapes. No drawing skills are required for this craft, so it is perfect for toddlers.  

What You Need:

Construction paper



Hole punch



First I cut 3 triangles out of green construction paper. We used this to create the tree. Together we put glue on on triangles and placed them onto a white construction paper.

We cut out a rectangle of orange construction paper to be the trunk and glued that on as well. Then Tyler used present stickers to decorate beneath the tree.

Then we used a hole punch to create circles from various colors of construction paper. These we glued on together. I would put a dot of glue and T would place the circle. We also used Christmas light foam stickers to decorate the tree.

Finally, T used individual light stickers to fill in the white space around the tree. We used our markers to write Tyler's name and the date on our finished product. We identified all the colors we used and all the shapes we cut out of the construction paper. Here is a picture of T showing off the finished product!

We had a lot of fun creating this project! It was a fun something to do o help us be in the Christmas spirit.  We hope you try it out!



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