Why You Need Adult Play Dates

There are times in our lives when our young kids keep us so busy inside of our home that we can’t focus beyond the front door. They have so many needs within the house that you may never make it out the door for days at a time.

Plus, just the prep to get the kids successfully out of the house can be overwhelming in and of itself. I understand that. I’ve been there. And often, behind the walls of our home is where we are needed at that time. 

As mom we need to have time spent away from the kids to revive ourselves and be happier.  This can mean date nights or time spent with friends. 

But it is important to remember our own value as a person and create time away from our children whenever possible. If you are not feeling like you are worth the time away from the kiddos, definitely stop here and check out this post right now!!!

Adult play dates includes several different options. First off are dates with your spouse. If you are going crazy and need time away it’s likely that he does too! Never forget to nourish your marriage. 

Dates however don't necessarily have to entail leaving the house, but they should entail special planning. You can order in a late dinner after the kids go to bed and sit and chat sans interruptions. 

Or check out Zeel. It's an app and website where you can book licensed, insured, vetted, and experienced massage therapists to come to your home and give you a massage.  You can pick the type of massage you want including a couples option.  They bring the massage table and music and you pay online including the tip, so there's no need for cash. 

Put the kids to bed and you can have a spa date night without having to get a sitter! How awesome is that?! 

Other adult play dates include going shopping with your mom or sister. Having brunch with a girl friend. Or having a girl's night out. 

As a working mom, it can be really hard to convince ourselves that it's OK to take even more time away from our kids. We tend to think that if we are out of the house for our 9-5, taking additional time away is selfish. 

Here's the thing. Our kids won't forget that we love them if we take a few additional hours out to hang out with our friends. They don't keep a running tally of how many hours we spend with them and then compare notes with their friends. 

Our kids are far more concerned about the quality of the time that we spend with them over the quantity. So, just because you work doesn't mean you can't take some time out for a manicure date with a gal pal. 

People at a bar

If you are really concerned about time away from the kids, another option is going out after bedtime. Now, this might be easier said than done for an exhausted mama, but even a short time spent with friends is worth it. 

Meet up after bedtime for a single drink. It doesn't have to be a long night for it to revive you. An hour or 2 with a good friend can totally do the trick.  

Don't want to leave the house but really dying for that feminine bond? Set up a Google hangout with friends. Set a time once every few weeks for a wine and jammies night. Then just meet up through Google hangouts and dish on everything you want to chat about from the comfort of your own home!

Next, let us all note that grocery shopping all by yourself does not count as a vacation! Nor does a solo trip to Target. Yes, it helps bring some quiet into our heads and allows a little space to breathe, but it does NOT fill us up. It does not rejuvenate us. 

Dates with our husband fill us up. Meeting our sister or mother for lunch fills us up. A Girls Night Out with old friends fills us up. When you choose to make time for play dates with the special people in your life, you will increase your joy.  I promise.

A final way to fill our cup, socialize and help us achieve our goals is networking. Find a Facebook group or a group on Meetup of people who are doing what you want to do. Start chatting with people and see who you click with. 

Make a coffee date to meet them in person. You can discuss your goals, pick their brains, but also just get a chance to socialize all while taking a step towards your goals.  Now that is a win-win! 

Every mom needs play dates. Make sure you are getting some into your life.  Your family will thank you for it as you become a happier, more joyful mom!

What's your favorite mom play date?  Let me know in the comments!