The Power of Journaling

Have you ever kept a journal? Growing up, I occasionally kept a journal. I was super inspired by The Diary of Anne Frank and was amazed by the power her story had over so many people. I also loved shows and movies like Clarissa Explains it All and Harriet the Spy, where the main character kept a journal.

Learn about the power effect that journaling can have on your life, the many reasons people find it hard to stick with, and an awesome solution for busy moms. 

However, whenever things got busy or un-noteworthy, my journaling subsided. Sometimes I just didn't feel like I had the time to write about everything that was going on.  Other times I just couldn't think of what to say. 

Did you ever keep a journal? If so, did you ever run into the same issues?

As I got older, I got more and more busy, with less and less time to journal. Now, as a mom my journaling time is almost non existent. I mean as a mom, who really has time to write down the details of the day?

On the other hand, I know firsthand the benefits of journaling.

Whenever I start the day thinking about what I am grateful for, the day just flows better. I am happier. I know how lucky I am even when some things don't go my way. 

Whenever I end the day reflecting on how the day went, I feel more accomplished and empowered.  I reflect on what could have gone better and am inspired to be even better the next day. 

Whenever I jot down memories from the day, the little victories or silly moments of my kids, I know that I have those memories to hold onto for years to come. 

benefits of journaling

Knowing all this, I decided to get back into journaling.  I wanted a place to document what I am grateful for and my reflections on the day.  I wanted a place to capture my memories and happy moments with my family.  AND I wanted to do this all in one place. 

I had a hard time finding something to fit my needs. I wanted this journal to be separate from my practical day to day planner. I also wanted it to have prompts especially for those days when I was just too tired or uncreative to think of what to write. I wanted the journal to be motivational and to help me grow. I wanted something I could leave on my nightstand so I would be reminded to use it daily. 

So, since I just couldn't find the perfect journal, I made it myself.  I created a journal with 3 morning and 3 evening prompts. It helps me start the day with positivity and gratitude and end the day with reflection. I included motivational quotes and weekly challenges to help me grow and grow my happiness. 

Having this journal has really transformed my outlook. I am definitely a happier mom and wife. Overall I just feel lighter and more in control of my day. 

benefits of journaling 

Want to try it out?

Because using my journal has had such an impact on my life, I want to share it with others. I am looking for 5-7 mamas who are interested in testing it out for a month. Each woman will get 5 weeks worth of journal pages and weekly challenges in a PDF. Just print it out and use it for the month. At then end, or even as you go along, let me know what you like, what you don't like, what you would change, and whether you have noticed a change in your life. 

I am working on creating a 6 month physical journal that would eventually be available in paperback. Your reviews will help make it the best journal possible. 

If you are interested in being a part of the development process, send me an email at 



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