Valentine’s Day Door Hanger Craft

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Valentine’s Day is less than 2 weeks away, so Tyler and I thought it was the perfect time to make our own Valentine’s Day craft. This was inspired by a door hanger decoration I saw in the store somewhere that I thought was super cute. It was a vertical XO door hanger. So, we decided to create our own from tissue paper and cardboard. Check out how we made it!

Valentine’s Day Door Hanger Craft.jpg

What You Will Need

Dessert sized paper plate

Thin cardboard (we used a Devil Dog box) 

Red and pink tissue paper



String or twine


What To Do

1. Cut out the center of your paper plate to form the O.  

Paper plate with center cut out

2. Cut the thin cardboard to form the X. You can either cut out the X straight away or cut out the two cross pieces and glue them together.  

Cardboard X and O

3. Cut up the red and pink tissue paper into small squares.  

Tissue paper squares

4. In small sections, spread glue onto your X and O. Crumple your tissue paper squares into small balls and glue them onto your letters. Try to minimize white spaces. 

gluing on tissue paper
gluing on tissue paper

5. Let the glue dry completely. 

Let glue dry

6. Cut a section of your string or twine. Make a loop on top and then tape on the X followed by the O.  

7. Hang it up and admire your super cute door hanger!! 

finished door hanger

This was a super fun and simple project. Tyler liked making sure there was a good mix of red and pink on our X and O. Plus, I think it came out really cute! It’s a great way to spend an evening leading up to Valentine's Day. 

Try it and show me how yours comes out in the Facebook group