Heart Man Valentine's Day Craft

The last few nights, T has really been into creating.  The other night he painted a picture of himself with his friend Adele.  He also painted his friend Daniel with his dog.  With Valentine's Day just a few weeks away and with T enjoying being creative the past few evenings, we decided it was a good time to create a Valentine's Day project. This was a quick and easy little craft that we were able to complete in about 30 minutes. That means it fit right into the time between when Hailey goes to sleep and when T gets ready for bed. T had a lot of fun with this project especially with the gluing, as usual. Check out how we made heart man!

Heart man
Heart man

What To Do:

1. On the red construction paper I drew a large red heart with pencil. T helped me cut it out.

2. With the pink paper, we cut out 4 approximately one inch wide strips using the short side.

3. Next draw hands and feet on the extra red paper. I drew the hands like mittens and the feet almost oval. I drew one of each and then just folded the paper over to cut two out at one time. This saves cutting time plus it ensures that the hands and feet match.

4. Next, fold your four strips of pink paper accordion style.

5. Now you are ready to assemble! Glue the pink strips behind the red heart to form arms and legs. Glue the hands and feet onto the ends of the arms and legs.

6. Finally, glue the eyes onto the heart and use the marker to draw on a smile.

T loved walking his heart man around the living room and introduced heart man to his other toys. While making the arms with me, he loves repeating "fold and flip, fold and flip" as we made the accordion folds. This project was definitely a lot of fun to make.

We hope you try making your own heart man! If you do, share your creation with us on Facebook!

Have a great weekend!