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Halloween Hand Print Craft for All Ages

With Halloween coming, T and I recently made a Halloween spider craft.  This was super easy and fun.  We hung up the end result in the living room and T shows it off to everyone who comes by.  It's also nice because it can be adapted to different age groups.



To start, draw a white or silver spider web out of the left corner of the spider web.  Then flip the paper so that the web in in the bottom left corner.  (This makes it easier to make your hand print.)

Next, paint the palm of your child's hand with black paint. This will be the spider.  Form their hand print on the spider's web.

Here are the optional parts.  If your kid is not squeamish about paint you can also do a white foot print to be a ghost.  Keep the paper upside-down as the heel should be the head of the ghost and the toes should be the bottom.  My son is super squeamish about these things, so one hand print was enough.

When you are done with your prints, you can decorate your picture. For younger kids who don't really draw yet, we used stickers of haunted houses and ghosts, etc. to decorate our page.  Older kids can use markers or crayons to draw their own spooky scene.

Once the prints have dried, you can add googly eyes to the spider and draw on a ghost face.

This is a super easy project both to create and supply.  Nothing you need should be hard to find and you may just have it all at home! I love it because you can make it fun for all different age groups.


Definitely, try it out and share your finished products on my Facebook page!!

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