28 Day Fitness Challenge

Hey mamas!

So I've been thinking. Even with so much to do between work, and family, and friends and back to school, it is so so important to also stay healthy. I mean we won't have the stamina to get it all done if we let our health slip.  

Join us on our 28 day fitness challenge to transform your body in just a few minutes a day. 

I recently came across 2 articles regarding fitness that made me wanna gather some mamas together and challenge them to get fit together. 

The first article is about How Walking Just 15 Minutes A Day Can Change Your Whole Body. The infographics talk about the many benefits of walking for your overall health.  These benefits include reducing hips, weight loss, reducing the risk of heart attack, improves mood and tones muscles. 

The great thing about walking is that you don't have to designate "exercise time" to do it. Take a walk to the park and let your kids enjoy some play time.  Take a walk to the local store for bread and milk instead of driving. Walk to the mailbox to send out some letters. (Assuming you still actually use the postal service) Walk the dogs. 

There are lots of ways to incorporate walking into your daily routine. Plus you don't have to take time away from family and friends to do it. You can just bring them along. 

28 day fitness challenge

The second article was about 5 Simple Exercises That Will Reshape Your Body in Just 4 Weeks. This article talks about 5 simple exercises that you all have probably done before. They are: squats, push-ups, planks, bird dog, and lying hip raises. They provide 2 10 minute exercise routines utilizing these 5 exercises.  The plan is to alternate between the routines each week for 4 weeks in order to transform your body. 

10 minutes a day? That's totally doable!

So here's the challenge I'm presenting. Starting on September 10, 2017, we will start both the 28 day challenge and the walking challenge. Each day for 28 days we will do the 10 minute workout and try to do 15 minutes of walking.  Like I said, the walking doesn't have to be designated workout time although it can be.  It can just be a walk around the neighborhood after dinner with the family or a trip to the zoo.  Whatever gets you walking for 15 minutes. 

To join, just head on over to my Facebook page and find the image below.  Comment "I'm in!" so I know you're on board.  Each week I will post which exercise routine we are doing that week.  You can use that post to check in, talk about your successes and challenges, and cheer each other on. At the end of the challenge, we will have a FB live party to celebrate our success!!

28 day fit challenge

I really hope you will join me in this challenge. Health is so important especially for us mamas who have to care for so many others!! See you on the Facebook page!



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